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Hotel Rural Casas Novas 
I went home. It was lovely and warm and sunny and lovely. Did I say lovely? I had Little Brother time and parents time. I met the newest baby in the family. I saw one of my cousins get married and overwhelm us all with happiness and joy. I sunbathed in beautiful beaches and swam in the sea. I ate grilled sardines and it was delicious. I drank Portuguese wine, especially my favourite Planalto. I ate bread from my favourite bakery and croissants from my other favourite bakery. I had a pastel de Belém. I wore flip-flops and pretty dresses. I had some quality time in Hotel Rural Casas Novas and indulged in the countryside's slow paced good food lifestyle. Do you get a picture of awesomeness? It was pretty much it!
Casas Novas, the village
Then I came back. To reality, to where bits of my life are, to a place I should call home but it is oh so hard just after I'm back from the real-non-real home. As always, insert LMJ's friends to the rescue and life felt a little bit less boo. The sunshine we had all of last week also helped with the hard return. And so it is I've settled back into my real world and I've finally put some photos on display in my room and I feel cosy again here.
My list this Monday is quite enormous. I'm happy, I feel happy, I have things I'm grateful for, things to keep me warm inside, things to look forward to, things that make me smile for no apparent reason, and so many pictures to look at that I need coffee and sunday mornings plenty.
:: cousin's wedding. pure happiness!
:: baby cousin-nephew. LMJ may be getting broody, but tell no one; that little one is adorable!
:: family time. there are times when you really feel it, you know, that thing of family warmth and knowing you're never alone.
:: a little letter with a little drawing from my 7-year old cousin-nephew. a little piece of happiness and heart sunshine on a paper. on my wall already.
:: Paralympics. I saw Oscar Pistorius run the 100m T44 final… live! I was there when the crowd shouted for Jonnie Peacock and saw him win. What an atmosphere!
:: the UK. sometimes, being part of this nation makes me smile. seeing the Paralympics is one of those times; I'm so proud of the great British people who embraced foreign athletes and the Paralympians and made everyone feel welcome and part of something great!
:: summer time.
:: homemade bread.
:: homemade soup.
:: Monday office silliness. some of it courtesy of this (pretty reliable) erratic gentleman!
:: a cooking project with a lovely lady!
:: my life!
It rained today. I laughed. Now I'm truly back and you know what? It's not so bad… if you let be good… if I let it be good 😉



  1. JZ
    10 September 2012 / 21:59

    As I slowly read and scrolled down, I was beginning to wonder where the food photo was 😉

  2. Maïder {Los planes de Sophie}
    11 September 2012 / 07:14

    Qué bonito texto y qué de cosas han pasado este verano, es genial. Mi lista esta semana también es enorme pero tengo ganas ya de comenzar todos esos proyectos que revolotean por mi cabeza. Las fotos que nos traes preciosas. Ánimo con la semana y gran proyecto de las chicas del Atelier (así aprendo recetas de cocina). Besos!

  3. Eva Linda
    11 September 2012 / 09:10

    I read it and I feel I been there near you 😉 Im happy to know that you spend an enjoyable holidays.¡Eres puro corazón! Te adoro 😀

  4. ei! kumpel
    11 September 2012 / 09:33

    Os primeiros dias depois de voltar para cá custam-me MUITO, sinto-me deslocada, que se calhar devia para era voltar para portugal… é a nostalgia, a saudade, essas coisas tão Portuguesas. Depois a vida volta à sua rotina e tudo melhora. Embora tenha cada vez mais a certeza que já não sou de lá, mas também não sou de cá.Adorei a tua descrição das férias em Portugal! Quase que me senti lá :)Bem-vinda de volta!margarida

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