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baby knitting
I'm almost home and that is what makes this week so brilliant. That and everything else! 
This feel good feeling really made it easier to survive some minor episodes of today… I missed my train by three minutes. Yep, three! I was on the bus and every.single.thing.that.could.delay.the.bugger.did! So I missed the train. Next train: 1h11m later! Oxford station, you and I know each other well! Leaving work, delayed train. Just seven minutes. And then 10 more sitting in full view of Oxford station but unable to reach it. On a train with no open windows because it has air conditioned… except it didn't. One boiling Joey coming right out! Ta mucho FGW!
Yet, none of this is of any importance for when I get home I can eat a peach in the garden and continue knitting the mini baby cardi I'm doing for baby cousin-nephew… it looks so adorable! I envisage some baby squeezing going on. Gently, of course!

:: going home at the end of the week. for ten days! 
:: sunbathing in the garden! Yay!
:: sardines. Cornish sardines!
:: a cooking adventure… more to come here
:: homemade pizza bake-off. Expect Nicky to blog about it.
:: cat sitting with JJ.
:: flip-flops. yellow flip-flops.
:: vinho verde.
:: knitting.
:: food photography!

How was your start to the week? Dramatic but fun? Just fun? Sunny? Have a lovely week whatever the start 🙂



  1. JZ
    20 August 2012 / 21:52

    Just shows that youd be better off living in Abingdon 😉

  2. Eva Linda
    21 August 2012 / 06:21

    If you start the week like this I cant imagine how will be the finish :)My start week status is: “depresión post-vacacional”Cuesta mucho regresar a la rutina después de las vacaciones 🙁 Pero ahí vamos con los fogones encendidos de nuevo y a punto para ver todas las recetas de SARDINAS!!!

  3. cococita
    21 August 2012 / 11:04

    The outlook on PT sounds great and I love your little baby cardigan already. So sweet! Here we are glad to have lower temperatures after a heatwave (the latter is rather unhealthy for me, but I am quite sure I will conquer my relapse :)).Enjoy your going home countdown! Cant wait to read your next cocina global post :)Hug hug hug x

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