Global kitchen

LMJ enjoys eating, especially ice cream and Mum’s food and Portuguese cuisine and homemade cakes and muffins and… yes, you get the idea. It also happens, LMJ enjoys cooking.
Time for the kitchen and pots and pans is often short, especially considering my other interests, so what better way to make the time than to create dishes to be photographed? And then eaten, of course? To participate in a food blog!
Eva and I are starting a bilingual food blog, in Spanish and English. How cool is that? Very, I think!
The blog is called Cocina Global, or Global Kitchen and it aims to bring together our love of food and photography. 
How will it work? Well, at the start of the month, we’ll select an ingredient; during the month, we will share little snippets of information and fun facts about said ingredient, such as its nutritional value, main producers,… and the list goes on. Finally at the end of the month, we will show you what recipe each of us has cooked with it, illustrated with what we hope will be yummy looking photos! In a perfect world, you’ll be sending us your photos too, with or without recipes.
Amidst the food and the food photography, you can expect to find a little bit of silliness, with a good example on our profile photos. Above all, we are hoping to have a great time, in the kitchen and out! It would be great to see you over there!


  1. Eva Linda
    2 August 2012 / 10:34


  2. Angela Acosta
    5 August 2012 / 07:30

    Great foodie blog. Even more so, its very cool to share the fun with a friend. Good luck!

  3. Little Miss Joey
    5 August 2012 / 19:33

    @Eva: So excited about this :)@Angela: Thanks! Youre so write, more than half the fun is the sharing it with a friend!

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