::inspiring Mondays::

Photo: Fireworks in Porto on S. João by One of My Friends Because They're Good At This!
Sunshine. Thank you Monday, it's been fabulous! Please visit often, you're welcome here. 
This weekend was S. João (Saint John) in Porto. Last year, I thought I would photograph it this year, but life had other plans and I stayed in the UK instead. Whilst I had a relaxing weekend, oh what joy would it have been to join in on the fun at home, take to the streets, share the joy and forget life for a night, over grilled sardines and a lot of walking! I couldn't be there, but my reporters provided me with photos; I am well connected!
So as I was saying… I had a relaxing weekend, made far more relaxing by the fact that my laptop charger died a death and I could not be online at all. So I knitted instead; the green cardi that I can't wait to finish. And watched tv, fast and slow. And cuddled with Mister JJ, as I'm cat-sitting at the moment. 
:: sunshine 
:: running. solo. it felt good.
:: chatting to my parents. I love it how I love it.
:: an email this morning telling me how that person was looking forward to… inspiring Mondays!
:: watching the wind outside. so soothing. 
:: new projects. with food. 
:: my friends. again and again, my friends.
:: cycling to work this morning 
:: a new phone. 
:: friends who let me use their photos when I couldn't be there to take my own!
:: chatting to LMrJ just before sleeping… 
How was your Monday? Inspiring, I hope. And promising. And if not, may you find some smiles here. Help yourself, take one, it's free 😉
Photo: Releasing an illuminated flame-propelled balloon on S. João by One of My Friends Because They're Good At This!


  1. Eva Linda
    26 June 2012 / 06:54

    Yeah!!! Another Inspiring Mondays!!! Beautiful fireworks. In my country celebrates St Joan too, and I made a lot of fireworks photos. Then I show you it.

  2. ei! kumpel
    26 June 2012 / 18:36

    mas que post tão bonito, tão positivo, gosto tanto!eu também tive uma boa segunda-feira. o sol esteve radioso e estive com umas amigas num parque em Bath. Foi tão bom estar de vestido e pés descalços na relva :)beijinhos,margarida

  3. cococita
    29 June 2012 / 22:39

    Your new project sounds interesting! You make me curious :)Love the fireworks photo and indeed, yes for friendship! 🙂

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