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LMJ is thinking of sunshine and flowers and dreaming a summer dream. Yep! It's the only way to endure a day like today… it rained all day. I repeat. All. Day. So LMJ went into a little place in her dreams where the world is bathed by sunlight and life is wonderful and sweetly dry. It was lovely, just lovely!
If I could, I would invite the people who invented skype for tea. And cake. And a banquet or feast. With champagne and Port. These people, who know nothing about LMJ nor LMrJ, are making our relationship possible and so much more bearable. We can chat and see each other and be cute and almost cuddly. We can leave it on for hours while he works and I do photographs and we comment on each other's things and insert a few real-life cuteness here and there. We watch the football together and it's almost like he's in the room with us. And for a little while, this enormous distance and the whole Atlantic ocean seem so, but so small that I can almost touch him! So… you lovely Skype inventors, drop by for tea and whatever else when you're in the neighbourhood!
:: dreaming. it's fabulous!
:: Little Brother's posts on my facebook. and his emails. it warms my heart!
:: watching the Euro 2012 with friends from all over the place! it's great!
:: my friends speaking to LMrJ on Skype. so sweet!
:: cococita texting me words of encouragement.
:: Indian food. LMJ could do with a lamb tikka right now…!
:: discussing my photo assignments with EP and JZ… brilliant!
:: this rain apparently will save us all from drought… there's always a silver lining… or so they say.
:: dress for cousin's wedding sorted. purple 
I'd love to hear about how dry (or wet!) your Monday has been. Whatever the weather, I hope it was inspiring 🙂


  1. Michael Maia
    11 June 2012 / 19:35

    Diferently to what one might imagine, the Monday in Rio de Janeiro was not much different. It is raining since last Wednesday.To paraphrase the poet, “cariocas (locals from Rio) do not like cloudy days.” Even less of rainy days. What can I say about several raining days, in sequence, during a entire holiday?Thanks to a brilliant mind (or a pair of them)! I was able enjoying my holiday at home (yes, thats what cariocas do when it rains) watching the games of Euro 2012 with the best company in the world: LMJ!I love Skype! I love LMJ! And with the combination of these two, I can almost say I love rainy days too…=P

  2. Liliana Costa
    11 June 2012 / 20:25

    Ohhhh love love love your post. That was what I did too. So it was raining like hell this morning (like the rest of my holiday week anyway!), so I fell asleep in the plane *as I always do* and I was flying in my sunny dreamy world. I felt like smiling, then I woke up in cloudy Germany back to work. But my colleagues are nice, so it was a nice day anyway. And now smiling again with your post :)Enjoy your week.P.s Im waiting for the sun to go to Oxford for a visit 🙂

  3. Ana Eugénio
    11 June 2012 / 20:28

    obrigada por seres tão linda 🙂 tu és um raio de sol LMJ. por cá o dia escapou-me, concentrada no monitor do computador. o Skype também já me trouxe muita alegria. mas nada parecido com o que descreves. fico feliz por vocês. xxo

  4. Little Miss Joey
    11 June 2012 / 20:54

    @LMrJ: e pronto, chegas-me ao coração e fico derretidinha 😀 sempre!@Liliana: 😀 Portuguese emigrants, we share the dream! Im so glad the post made you smile, Im chuffed!P.S. – if were waiting for the weather, we may have a long wait ahead of us… cake shops are covered :D@Ana: linda, fazes-me corar até à raíz dos cabelos! um beijo grande, e aos teus meninos lindos 🙂 xxx

  5. ei! kumpel
    11 June 2012 / 21:05

    que post tão bonito… que palavras bem escritas!aqui também choveu todo o dia… cada ano que passo em Inglaterra tem um “verão” pior. A minha segunda-feira também foi assim, cinzenta e chuvosa, mas com um encontro entre amigas que muito aqueceu o meu coração!margarida

  6. Little Miss Joey
    11 June 2012 / 21:10

    Obrigada Margarida :)Acho que há mesmo um entendimento entre emigrantes portugueses por terras de Sua Majestade… falta-nos o sol :)Que com que tiveste um solzinho de amizade!Beijo

  7. ei! kumpel
    12 June 2012 / 13:45

    LMJ: também não é para menos… já viste este Junho? Miserável! Nós vivemos no Somerset e até costuma haver algum (reforço, algum!) sol… mas este ano… oh dear, oh dear ;)beijinhos,margarida

  8. Little Miss Joey
    12 June 2012 / 21:38

    Hahahaha… tens toda a razão… este ano está mesmo mauzinho!Beijo de sol 😀

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