::inspiring Mondays::

Bank holiday Monday of the Jubilee weekend. At times like these, one has to love this country. Four days, yes four, of pure enjoyment and celebration… and for LMJ, a few days of relaxing nothingness! Oh how I love nothingness!
Bristol. I love Bristol. Bristol was my first home in the UK; I felt welcome here, I made good friends and I embraced British culture and its people. Britain became my second home because of Bristol and it will always have a special place in my heart. And in my sleeping heaven, as my old room in Bristol is still where I sleep the best of sleeps! 
:: Bristol.
:: long weekend in Bristol 
:: white wine with J.
:: cocktails with J.
:: watching the Jubilee celebrations! Go Queenie!
:: endless episodes of Miss Marple and Lewis and Midsomer Murders. Oh British drama!
:: Pride and Prejudice. the series!
:: girly chat
:: pale blue nails! who would have thought?!
:: kitten cuddles 
:: takeaway. yes, home cooked food is the best ever, but ordering takeaway on a girly night is just the best!
:: outfit selection with a pro and jewellery custom order… the joys of having artistic friends.
:: kitten cuddles. yep, that's good!
:: my boyfriend 
:: wrong weather forecast! hehehehe
:: a little lovely quote in the mail… 
I hope you've all had a lovely Monday, working or otherwise, preferably with some sunshine and magical light. LMJ is going to indulge in more girly chats and takeaways and white wine… and kitten cuddles. Yep!


  1. cococita
    4 June 2012 / 20:30

    Sounds like you had a perfect WE! YAY for your blue nails hon 🙂 and for making me so curious about Watershed that I now want to experience it live 🙂 Love J.s jewellery: its really a treat to the eye! Thank you for sharing her shop with your audience.Have a very happy week dearest LMJ!x

  2. Angela Acosta
    4 June 2012 / 23:05

    A toast to long weekends!

  3. Plasma Engineer
    4 June 2012 / 23:26

    Dont come back to work on Wednesday. Nobody else will be there, because for us lucky people it is actually 5 days of fun, not 4. 🙂

  4. Little Miss Joey
    8 June 2012 / 20:28

    @cococita: I did 😀 it was perfect and relaxing and all these things we forget about! Julies jewellery is amazing, she has an etsy shop and takes commission work ;)@Angela: Yay! I toast to that!@Plasma Engineer: 😛 thanks for the heads up, I was on the ball! Lucky us 😀

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