::inspiring Mondays::

Last Monday of May, you are here and I have a question for you: where did all the other Mondays go that we're now almost half way through the year? Hm, where are they? Yes, I'm talking to you, Monday!
For the last week, I have been enjoying photography. That's pretty much it. I have been carrying my camera around at all times, even if I still have my moments of being shy about it, I have photographed little snippets of life, I have seen photographs by others, I have read L'Atelier's student forum and laughed at my classmates witty comments, I have moaned about lack of inspiration and I have photographed a bit more. This last week, I have consolidated my love of photography and it feels good. 
For this week, I have different plans. In fact, this week I would like to do a bit of thinking. You know, when you pause and make time stand still and you look at all your options and come up with a few ideas about routes and other such things, before pressing play again. Yep, that sort of thinking. And at the end of the week, I'll head over to Bristol for some relaxing girly time with my friend J and the cats. :
: a taste of summer
:: flip flops
:: cricket in the parks. Go Oxford!
:: BBQs. love it!
:: the jumping EP and my photographic assistant documenting it all.
:: almost in Bristol
:: LMrJ 
:: watching the Eurovision. oh my, it is funny! very funny!
:: picnics in the park. the Brits do it better!
:: my iPod.
:: the cardigan I'm knitting… it fits… oh yeah 😀
The sky is blue. I think of drawing blue skies when I was little, tongue out in deep concentration, and I'm happy. How about you? Any special end of May Monday treats? Are you writing your own inspiring Mondays to make you smile? Let me know 🙂


  1. Ana Eugénio
    29 May 2012 / 07:55

    you always make me smile 🙂 thank you. your life has all the colours of the rainbow because you make it happen. xxo

  2. cococita
    29 May 2012 / 11:25

    Its great to hear about your consolidating love for photography, as your little snippets always make me happy!We did the first cycling tour in a nature reserve at our new little town and it was great. The first time that I was cycling after 1.5 years: it felt so good … Our new house is becoming a home, step by step, and its wonderful to capture the little babysteps it takes to make it a home :)Wishing you a beautiful week, lovely lady! x

  3. vivaciousmel
    29 May 2012 / 12:08

    what a lovely wee smiley post! xx

  4. Angela Acosta
    29 May 2012 / 18:53

    Yay for flip flops!

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