middle of the day

At lunchtime, that great time of day to photograph, just when the light is hardest, LMJ couldn't control her enthusiasm over the weather and says to EP: Fancy going outside to photograph?
EP: yeah, sure.

And so we did!

hello spring


light through the trees


  1. cococita
    22 May 2012 / 22:16

    Especially love the first one. Isnt it great to have a working area surrounded by some nature? Love the framing of the second one too 🙂

  2. cococita
    22 May 2012 / 22:17

    PS: would love to see the result(s) of EPs photography as well 🙂

  3. Maïder {Los planes de Sophie}
    23 May 2012 / 09:39

    Little Miss Joey tus fotos son encantadoras!!!! Esas margaritas: me quiere, no me quiere, me quiere no me quiero ME QUIEREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  4. primalchild
    28 May 2012 / 17:38

    I have the same problem in the middle of the day, harsh light and an incurable desire to photograph something outside. Love your blog LMJ, its nice to see you are doing so well!Tara

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