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Little brother and I
Little brother and I photographing away
LMJ has been away, enjoying the Portuguese lifestyle and sunshine and amazing cuisine! LMJ has returned last night to a cold-ish grey-ish island and is struggling with adapting to the colder temperatures. LMJ has had a brilliant time with her family and wishes she could have stayed longer. LMJ looks tanned and with more freckles, but tell noone! LMJ has realised she spoke of herself in the third person from the age of 13 months. Nice!
As I finished writing the above paragraph, the sun began shining outside. I'm holding on to it and is good. Hihihi!
:: Little brother.  
:: Mum and Dad.
:: sunshine.
:: Lisbon.
:: Portugal.
:: Portuguese food.
:: the Algarve.
:: the sea.
:: photography.
:: home.
Life is good. Life can be good. I'm holding on to that little bit of sunshine, it's making typing quite difficult but smiling quite easy. How was your Monday?

the Alvor
Alvor, Portugal


  1. Liliana Costa
    14 May 2012 / 18:28

    no way!! You went to my home town! Oh I miss it! I miss the smell of it, the sunlight, my family & friends, the food! Can hardly wait to be back one day 🙂

  2. Plasma Engineer
    14 May 2012 / 19:48

    Since this is my fourth day of drinking no coffee, how many guesses do you think you will need to answer that question? :)) But yes, the sun is shining.

  3. JZ
    14 May 2012 / 19:55

    Great silhouette pictue

  4. cococita
    15 May 2012 / 15:57

    You sound like one happy lady! 🙂 And how I love these pictures … The last one looks like paradise to me!I hope this photo warms your heart as much as it warms mine, while suffering from the grey and rainy weather on the continent …

  5. vivaciousmel
    16 May 2012 / 14:16

    bless you, what a wonderful, dreamy, happy post! I especially like the image of trying to hold onto the sun, whilst typing! xxx

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