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Nicky jumps for Joey
LMJ has moved house and is now a proud resident of Abingdon-on-Thames. Well, for the next two months anyway, before she moves back to her beloved Oxford. These will be two months of photographical exploration and food feasts and bootcamp and Big Bang Theory overdose (if such things is even possible!).
Moving house is a traumatic exciting opportunity to shake things up a bit and declutter and experiment with living off a box (or several) for a few weeks. It is also a great opportunity to look around you and see how lucky you are to have amazing friends that are there for you when you need them. I had a lot of help moving and I had a lot of help keeping calm and happy for most of it and I have a place to stay where the sight of my boxes is accepted and taken with humour. Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say, and feeling this lucky is mine, and I wouldn't swap it, ta mucho!
On the note of friends, rain can also provide you with a lovely insight into your friendship levels. Take the Erratic Photographer and LMJ, for example. LMJ wanted to photograph people jumping; she wanted this desperately but the weather wasn't playing ball. And so the Erratic Photographer put on his wellies and braved the heavy rain and a few puddles to help her out. Now, that's what I call putting yourself out there for your friends 😀
:: Little Brother taking the day off to spend time with me in Lisbon.
:: almost in Portugal, for 10 days of Little Brother and Mum and Dad. and some sunshine, one hopes!
:: my jumping friend.
:: the writer of my very own roommate agreement.
:: L'Atelier. it is simply BRILLIANT!
:: Oxford. Blimey this city is pretty!
:: My sweet Nikon D90. Aren't you cute? Yes, you are!
:: socialising over food. some things are just great!
:: my classmates over at L'Atelier. so lovely and chatty!
:: the thought of a kindle. I'm warming to it!
:: no rain for almost a full day. oh yeah!
:: my Yoda-to-be. makes me laugh every single time I look at it!
What a happy Monday this is! I'm tempted to print this post and carry it around… just in case. How's your Monday going? Happy and dry? Happy and wet? Let me know 🙂
Little note: Nicky and I went out again to jump today. Well, he jumped and I lay on the grass photographing him from below. Life is good!
Nicky jumps in the sunshine


  1. Angela Acosta
    1 May 2012 / 00:34

    Hello LMJ — happy and dry here.

  2. Dobbin
    1 May 2012 / 09:13

    I must remember to tuck my shirt in next time…

  3. vivaciousmel
    1 May 2012 / 09:26


  4. Little Miss Joey
    1 May 2012 / 14:06

    Hi Angela :)Those are great news! Especially on a Monday :)@Dobbin: really? Really? is that really what you notice? :PNot the fact that you have an amazing jumping ability?@vivaciousmel: 😀 MERCI!

  5. cococita
    1 May 2012 / 19:46

    This post made me smile brightly dear lady! You sound like one happy lady and that makes me happy too, as you are one of my dearest persons on planet earth! I can imagine the fun you had taking this photos.How is life in Abingdon going? Yay, only some days to go for Lisbon! Counting the days with you, as I know how you miss your dear family and country! xxxPS: our new home has been painted! 🙂 Will send you some pics asap 🙂 but I am a bit behind on the virtual level of life (e.g. blogging :s)PPS: taking the little class of Jackie in May. Already looking forward to it 🙂

  6. Encarna
    18 May 2012 / 08:15

    Hola guapa!soy Encarna de latelier! me uno a tu blog, me vendrá genial para leer en inglés, asignatura pendiente y que estudio cada día! me hecho seguidora de tu blog!te espero por el mío! y así estamos en contacto!besitos

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