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Brazilian coffee
Today was a beautifully sunlit day, even if a bit too cold for my expectations of April. It was sunny and wonderful from 7 am and I felt like a little plant doing photosynthesis of happiness. I couldn't help but smile and think happy thoughts and feel good about life. Ahhhh… the difference sunshine makes!
As I sit writing this post with a cup of warm chamomile tea, I look around at all the boxes that currently contain a third of my life. I silently swear at them all and think of getting rid of already packed things. I remember a blog post I wrote about a year ago on decluttering which has been useful this time around. I think it could do with an update or two, especially regarding moving, for sometimes getting rid of things is not just for the sake of space. I think about photos that could go with said update. Light bulb blog post moment achieved!
Little Mister Joey and I have seen each other almost two months ago now. I have visited Rio six months ago. All of the sudden, this distance is even more enormous and hard and painful and unbearable… except that we just have to keep going and live with it. I search through my photos and find this one, of the Brazilian coffee I brought from Rio. I can still remember its taste and smell. Memories. LMrJ. A bit less hard to cope with the four hour time difference and not-purchased-see-you-next tickets. I think about writing more about distance. The baby steps of it. Another light bulb blog post moment achieved!

:: sunshine. LMJ does photosynthesis.
:: Little Brother sending me random photos of bits of his day 
:: Mum's phone rambles. so cute!
:: this image. will print enormous poster of it to put on the wall. no, wait, that would be more clutter!
:: photography.
:: photographing with friends.
:: ebay. it's absolutely brilliant!
:: my work colleagues. who are now my friends. and are amazing!
:: my work. we can actually save the world one day! how's that for inspiration? 🙂
How has your Monday been? Sunny? Not so sunny but happy nonetheless? A boo of a Monday? Let me know, I may even drink a cup of chamomile tea for you!


  1. Plasma Engineer
    16 April 2012 / 21:52

    Oooh! An e-bay consultancy might be required shortly. By the time I try to sell anything Ive always forgotten how to do it again. 🙂

  2. Michael Maia
    17 April 2012 / 00:39

    The smellthe coloursthe voicethe lightthe tastesthe memoriesthe littlethingsthat keepus together……even when we dont have the touch.

  3. cococita
    18 April 2012 / 15:54

    I like both your poetry dear Joeys!Your photosynthesis of happiness really sounds like music to me: so beautiful!And yes, I know what you mean about getting rid of things and moving boxes: we are coping with the same, although the situation is rather different.Cant believe time goes by so fast and hope you will see LMrJ back soon, as its always better to have the real thing :)Our Monday was fabulous: it feels like autumn over here, but on Monday it was really sunny and … we got the keys! Isnt that coincidence a good sign? It is :)Hug hug hug

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