notes from a Saturday in London

The Erratic Photographer and I are lucky enough to know a very private small not-in-business travel agent – Rabbit Tours – which occasionally takes us to London for some photographic fun and cultural exploration and good food, all seasoned with lots of interesting chats.
This Saturday, Nicky and I left for London at 9:00 and found ourselves in London Paddington at 10:00 greeted by a pair of fluffy rabbit ears!; gotta love living in Oxford, where you get the quality of life and the proximity to London, oh yeah!
Being the keen coffee lovers that we are, we headed for Carluccio's in Notting Hill. The latte was amazing and I can apologise for the lack of pictures… you know how it goes… girl really wants latte, latte arrives, girl has face-wide smile, girl drinks late, girl notices she has not photographed latte but oh it is too late now. I did photograph the place though, how nicely composed it? If like us, you arrive there at this bizarre hour between breakfast and lunch, panic not; ask for their eggs benedict and enjoy!

Carluccio's at Notting Hill, London

We left Carluccio's and walked to Portobello Road market. There was a lot of walking involved this Saturday, the good stroll-y type of walk which is just my thing! The whole world in vintage format seemed to be on sale at the market, but I managed to shop with my eyes only. Until we saw one Hummingbird Bakery. The Hummingbird Bakery is heaven on earth in the form of cupcakes. Their red velvets just smile at me, sweetly. I resist them not! Again, no photos of this… please read explanation (or excuse!) above. Ta.
Walking with Nicky


Wishlist in vintage
Walking around Notting Hill, we were reminded of how beautiful the London outside the monuments and landmarks is. And just as I was thinking there was so much pink around the place, we see a street (or several) of happily coloured façades. I could so live there… I think!
Looking up in London


London is pink


Windows I wouldn't mind living in


Colourful London

We then went to the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising and all I can tell you is: GO! It's a wonderful trip down memory lane and what a piece of history they have there! And there is a 2 for 1 offer for rail travelers, so we only paid £3.25 each for our tickets. So very worth it! No photos allowed.

Street light in London
Our next stop was the Tate Modern and Damien Hirst's exhibition there. I had been wanting to go to the Tate Modern for a while now and Rabbit Tours got on the case. I really liked it and will definitely go back. As for Damien Hirst… well… I really really like the spots, they're just brilliant! The majority of his other work though, not my thing really (to put it nicely). I couldn't look at the sheep nor the cow and the flies provoked stomach turnings. The butterfly room was sweet.
If we walk slowly and chat a bit more, dinner time will call. With this in mind, we headed to Vapiano's, for some nice food and a bit more chatting. I guess by now you can tell we talk a lot; yep, we do!
Chilli and Basil


Pizza at Vapiano's
How was your Saturday? Hope you had a lovely and colourful day, preferably with yummy lattes and delicious food, covered in wonderful chats 🙂

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  1. cococita
    16 April 2012 / 17:09

    L.O.V.E. this blog post. Sounds like a perfect day! The food looks so yummieee! And again I realize that I miss you dearest lady! :)While you were enjoying LDN, we were on the TGV, getting a headache thanks to unrespectful people and crying children … But we are happy to be back now, waiting for the first minutes in our new little house 🙂

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