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A bit of colour
My life is about colour. I love yellow and orange and red, and now green. I love colour and light. And sometimes I realise how important those things are. Sometimes one has to choose adding a bit of colour and a touch of light to otherwise gloomy days spent amongst boxes and tape and a few more boxes to keep going.
What can I say on a bank holiday Monday? That all Mondays should be bank holidays! Yay LMJ and her superb ideas, yay! Now back to reality, please. My cunning plan of packing frantically worked and today I could enjoy a slow day, listening to the rain outside while sipping chamomile tea and cutting fabric. I caught up on a few episodes of the Big Bang Theory (pure laughing heaven!) and watched the two behind the scenes specials on Channel 4 (I love you, 4oD!). I had a bit more tea and avidly read Sew Mama Sew!'s tutorials on cushions with a zipper and piping (beautifully written tutorials, I tell you). I looked up baby boy clothes patterns for my new cousin-nephew; oh, yes, it's a boy! I learned how to make sushi with M.; oh my, is it delicious! And I had tea, chamomile tea (shaken not stirred)!
:: a boyfriend who helps me choose the photos for the blog and discusses what I could write about. 
:: sewing. knowing how to sew. wanting to sew more. 
:: friends and knowing we can count on them.
:: a good Easter.
:: homemade sushi! thanks M.! new 
:: accepting it's ok to have more 'things' than most people. it's ok. my books and my fabrics and my yarn are a part of who I am, and it's just fine!
:: reading (currently The Friday Night Knitting Club, soon to be made into a film; go knitting, go!)
:: homemade bread. warm. with butter melting on top. yep!
:: LMJ's readers. and their comments. they make me smile. you make me smile 🙂
How's your Monday keeping? Hope you're having a less wet day, but just as slow paced and lovely! 


  1. Michael Maia
    9 April 2012 / 21:07

    I have a very skilled girlfriend. She have a lot of abilities. And I love her so much. And it make me smile. And turn my mondays into inspiring ones! 🙂

  2. cococita
    9 April 2012 / 22:02

    Love LMrJs comment! 🙂 It warms my heart and I am sure it does a lot more with your heart than only warming it, dear LMJ!You and I are so alike and so different at the same time. I think thats an extra reason why I love to read your blogs and to watch your photos and why I cherish our friendship that much … You are an inspiring and wonderful person, seeing the beauty in everyday life, also if these times arent the most easy. I think thats an amazing gift! Have a beautiful week and look at the sparkling of the raindrops: soon there will be loads of sunshine again! xxx

  3. Dobbin
    9 April 2012 / 22:49

    Ah I almost forgot it was Monday, it feels like Sunday…until I saw Inspiring Mondays that is…

  4. Angela Acosta
    9 April 2012 / 23:54

    My Monday was more like a Sunday too. I like the pastels on your photo…brings in the color we all need sometimes.

  5. Little Miss Joey
    11 April 2012 / 17:06

    @Michael: BLUSH BLUSH BLUSH!@cococita: 😀 I know exactly what you mean, its mutual :)Its quite unbelievable we found each other! Thanks Mr cococita :D@Dobbin: glad I could assist in being your diary!@Angela: 🙂 Yay for Mondays that are really Sundays 😉 x

  6. Liliana Costa
    11 April 2012 / 19:53

    awww that is beautiful, specially the part of the supportive boyfriend. Mine is very supportive but it doesnt like to read sentimental stuff, about the photos sometimes he likes to see them.it felt so good to have a Monday off, I could really sleep longer, although I was working in the afternoon. So that was quite a productive Monday of yours, well done 🙂

  7. Little Miss Joey
    13 April 2012 / 22:17

    @Liliana: 🙂 yay for bank holiday mondays. what a genius idea! Sorry to hear you had to work, but at least you got that lie in ;)x

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