Easter treats

Easter egg à la Brazil for Little Mister Joey by LMJ
This Easter weekend has been spent sorting out my life and my earthly possessions and putting it all into boxes that make it all look neat and tidy and under control. I am moving house at the end of the month and I'm giving myself time to go through everything calmly, very clever of me!
Whilst the weekend was mostly spent indoors, LMJ completely lost (if not drowned) in books and fabrics and kitchen utensils and out-of-date film and postcards from all over the world (thank you very my much traveller friends!) and the ever-so-soothing-you'll-endure-anything chamomile tea, there was also time for a BBQ and a wardrobe-stuck-in-door rescue and some Easter egg decorating and lots of chocolate!
I learned a thing or two these days. Being that you're all asking what it is I have learned, eager to know more, I'll share it with you.
:: my family thinks of me as I think of them. Little Brother texts and calls, Mum and Dad phone and we chat for hours (well, Mum and I do, Dad moans we're discussing nail varnish and other such important matters and then he wants to talk some more) my little cousin insists they send me his photo winking at me (how cute is that?) and another one of him in a castle dressed as a king, oh yes! and then he calls me and tells me of all the alphabet he already knows and of his new hamster named Sofia.
:: my friends here are my family and it warms my heart to do things with them, family type things, like chilling on the sofa watching time go by, you know? or calling them at 8.30 in the morning to be rescued from a stuck wardrobe. or going around for food. or a little hug when you need it. those things.
:: I still don't enjoy decorating eggs, but I had a really great time doing it anyway, and loved the chatter around the table. to be repeated.
:: staring at the egg and thinking only two things: yellow and green. Little Mister Joey. bring him a little bit closer in that way.


  1. cococita
    8 April 2012 / 23:46

    I dont know why, dear LMJ, but your words really touched me, especially the very last sentence. The beauty of L.O.V.E.What I wish for you is that this dream comes true, in the near near future!xxx

  2. Ana Eugénio
    9 April 2012 / 15:57

    youre one of the most beautiful people Ive the privilege to know. thank you for sharing the world through your eyes. have a great week. we also painted eggs but nothing so sweet. xxo

  3. Little Miss Joey
    9 April 2012 / 21:04

    You two are the sweetest! I blush and get close to tears reading you! Thank you so much!xxx

  4. Dobbin
    9 April 2012 / 22:50

    Stuck in a wardrobe? I cant wait to hear about this.

  5. Little Miss Joey
    11 April 2012 / 17:03

    @Dobbin: stuck in a room because of a wardrobe clogging up the door. Stuck in a wardrobe, yeah right, what do you think I am, stupid? 😛

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