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Arriving home
Arriving home by Little Miss Joey

Today is Monday (sometimes I like to tell you something you don't know!) and the sun is shining and life feels filled with wonderful things. LMJ had a good day, so there you go, Mondays can be good. And when the sun went away and life caught up a bit with LMJ, Dad calls. 

Dad: I have news. You know how your cousin P is getting married in September? 
LMJ: Yes, we talked about it. 
Dad: Well, it's not that. 
LMJ: Right. 
Dad: Your cousin R is going to be a father. 
And all of the sudden the sun is shining again and life is one big promise of good things and little people.
When my cousin-nephew A was born I knew very little about knitting and had no interest in sewing for little cute beings that grew at fast speed! I see him twice a year and he remembered me like the one that squeezed his belly and left on a plane that he got to wave at, which made it kinda fun that I left. Until he became 4 and then 5 and now 6 and has a little memory of his own; I can still squeeze his belly, more because he lets me now rather than because he has no choice, and he makes drawings for me and suggests I make an effort to draw for him as he's only just learning the alphabet so no long letters, please! I look at him, so little and with no cousins to play with and can't help but think how fortunate my childhood was. I had my Little Brother and cousins with whom I'm close with to this day. I know who could get the best oranges from the neighbour's garden and who was best at building tree houses with Grandma's quilts and who was the best at computer games and play mobil and beach F1 rides. I know all that and sometimes forget we have a lifetime of intimacy and shared treasures and my little cousin-nephews have just me reminded me of how lucky I am! Oh, and I'm now a capable (really?!) knitter and quite like quilting and other baby things… and now I have someone to do it for!
:: a new baby in the family in a few months 
:: my family!
:: sunshine
:: change. embrace change. I can do it.
:: my friends. for is never enough to mention them here!
:: softball practice. funny!
:: sunshine.
:: the smell of spring!
How was your Monday? Did you have a good beginning to the week? Sunshine? Good news? I hope so 🙂


  1. JZ
    26 March 2012 / 21:51

    Youre a good knitter!

  2. Michael Maia
    27 March 2012 / 02:52

    You are my love!

  3. cococita
    27 March 2012 / 21:38

    Miss you dear lady! Hope to catch up live next week (yay for Skype :)) x

  4. Angela Acosta
    28 March 2012 / 12:43

    LMJ – I can relate. Lucky is having babies around. I love my two baby nieces but I also love that I dont have to change their diapers.

  5. Little Miss Joey
    2 April 2012 / 21:44

    @JZ: Glad you approve :)@Michael: awwwwwww…. ♥@cococita: skype coming! Cant wait! Miss you! x@Angela: hahahaha, thats the spirit 🙂

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