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Paris on the horizon
This is the last Monday the Joey has to wait for Little Mister Joey. In less that 5 days, all this wait and knitting will be fulfilled and life will be even better. The scarf and hat are done (photographs when he's here, trying to keep it a surprise of sorts!) and all there is left to do is… wait!, that thing we're all incredibly good at. 
As exciting as these news are, the week, and this Monday, have more pressing issues to be dealt with. Dad is recovering slowly but Mum is now ill too. I've cried tears of frustration and distance. I've calmed down and spoke to them on the phone several times a day (thank you Mr Alexander Graham Bell et al) always sounding very grown up and on the case. Which I am. A grown up, I mean. I'm 31 years old, I have a job and pay my own bills, I can be responsible for other living things (especially cats, not so much plants) and have a few wrinkles to vouch for some gained wisdom, but… I still feel little when speaking to them. Ok, a little bit little, like "Filhota*, I'm making your favourite dish for when you arrive" little. Instead, I'm asking them if they've eaten the soup and to follow all procedures by the book, please, pretty please, and call me before they go to bed. And they answer me with an enormous dose of patience!
This weekend I watched About a Boy, maybe for the 324th time."Suddenly I realised – two people isn't enough. You need backup. If you're only two people, and someone drops off the edge, then you're on your own. Two isn't a large enough number. You need three at least. You need backup". So very true!And this is when the importance of our extended family hits me; my aunts are looking after them, they are not alone nor helpless and none of us would be in the family. And I feel a little better again. 
:: my family. all of them. the aunts and uncles and cousins. we're never alone. we'll always have someone. 
:: Little Mister Joey is almost here and I can't begin to explain how happy that makes me.
:: imagining Mister Joey in LMJ's knitwear. cute!
:: Paris on the horizon.
:: Nicky's post on our blog anniversary 🙂 (head over there if you want to see an adorable out-of-focus version of us!)
:: central heating. pure bliss.
:: sleeping. a good restful sleep.
:: egyptian cotton bedlinen.
:: my friends. it's never enough to say it, they are the best.
:: last, but not least this Monday, LMJ's readers. Thank you so much for coming over and taking the time to say hello and other sweet things!

Enjoy your Monday everyone… Spring awaits just on the other side of winter…!

*Filhota = affectionate form of daughter, close to little daughter. I love it when Mum and Dad call me this 😀


  1. cococita
    13 February 2012 / 20:59

    I am so happy for you Mister Joey is almost there my dearest Joey! And I admire you for being so brave and humorous despite the circumstances. Wishing your mum all the best and hope she will feel better soon too. I can perfectly understand the distance feels quite frustrating: I already have the same feeling if something happens to my parents and the only live half an hour away by car … Miss you and thinking of coming over in March/April. Will keep you posted! :)Happy Blog Anniversary to you too: loved to see the photos on Nicks blog.xxx

  2. Ana Eugénio
    13 February 2012 / 21:27

    that cake looks delicious 😛 and you two blurred look so funny. so sorry your parents arent well. it comes with the seasons and Winter is tricky. but I believe one way or another Life always take care of us. and so there are uncles and aunties. and you have good friends and soon Little Mister Joey to hug and smile a lot. Im happy for you sweetie 🙂

  3. Ana Eugénio
    13 February 2012 / 21:28


  4. Plasma Engineer
    13 February 2012 / 21:39

    Hello and other sweet things! (Thats what you said to say isnt it?) :)Maybe Ill send you a post card from Paris the week before!

  5. Little Miss Joey
    13 February 2012 / 21:44

    @cococita: Thanks cococita! Oh that would be so lovely… lets arrange, Oxford looks beautiful in Spring. and Summer. And Autumn. And Winter. :)Lets see if we can do skype when Mister Joeys here :)@Ana: the cake was delicious. I do have a soft spot for apple and cinnamon though 😛 Thank you for the positive thoughts coming my way 🙂 x@Plasma Engineer: 😛 it made me giggle! Yet to see Paul, which I assume will make me laugh! I love getting postcards, please do 😀

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