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Dad's birthday cake
I went home for Dad's birthday this weekend. I am tired and homesick and yet I have this warm feeling of having been there. Gotta love warm feelings, especially in this cold! 
Another week begins and with it another Monday on which to feel inspired. In thinking about this post (yes, LMJ does that!) and what is making me tick today, I realise this trend of revealing a meaningless fact about LMJ must end. LMJ is only little (haha!) and there aren't enough facts to reveal, really! Plus, there's so much to write about instead, like the weather or flour or ice cream, that it would be a waste of a paragraph not to explore those avenues further. 
:: being at home for Dad's birthday! 
:: being at home for Dad's birthday! 
:: being at home for Dad's birthday! 
:: Dad's birthday party. 
:: Portuguese food. there is none like it! 
:: birthday cake. yummy! 
:: spending time with Little Brother and the parents. it's the simple pleasures, really! 
:: squeezing Tommy. 
:: great chat about books with this lovely girl at a bookshop (Bertrand, if you must know!) 
:: a family doctor who will see you on a Sunday because it's when you can
:: getting the earlier bus home from the airport. perfect timing is a wonderful thing. 
:: the cococitas are arriving! 
How's January treating you? Have a great beginning to the week 🙂
Little note: LMJ left the shower looking like a steamed lobster! Cold weather, look at what you're doing to me!


  1. cococita
    16 January 2012 / 20:38

    Love the photo of your Dads B-day cake. Wonderful you all celebrated together and you could go to Portugal! The cococitas are counting down 🙂 xxx

  2. Angela Acosta
    17 January 2012 / 11:14

    The cold is finally biting here. Im now hibernating and eating everything in the house. The birthday cake looks awesome. Can I have a piece?

  3. Ana Eugénio
    17 January 2012 / 14:48

    já tinha saudades 🙂 ontem aceitei-te no Skype, só mais um passo e esatmos à conversa. tenho dormido muito mas posso afirmar que os beijos por cá são quase primaveris. xxo

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