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2012 has arrived! I'm sure you've all realised this 9 days ago, or thereabouts, and so have I, but it's always nice to start with something cheerful. 
I'm quite happy 2012 is here, but I have to confess I really enjoyed 2011. I achieved quite a few things last year, clap clap me! To name but a few; I started this blog with fellow blogger and dear friend Nicky, I  ran 10K (yes, moi!), I got myself a personal trainer in the form of dear friend JZ, I did a creativity course and met wonderful people (waiting for you on the side list under Raining Umbrellas crowd), I saw and had tea with my wonderful sweet friend cococita, and the same goes for mr cococita, I joined Kate at These Moments, I had lunch more often with fellow blogger Plasma Engineer, I laughed so much I have new wrinkles from it, I opened up to life, I celebrated a year of living with the Muppet at the Matchbox, I knitted more (but sewed less) much thanks to the one and only Knitting Club, I joined a bootcamp and managed to have fun and keep it going until 2012, and I laughed, again and more! 
I wouldn't be telling the full story of 2011 if I didn't mention Little Mister Joey. Little Mister Joey made my 2011 amazing! I could write and write and write, but I'll just say this… LMJ fell in love! 
I have dreams for 2012. I have the dream that I can hold Little Mister Joey's hand as often as I feel like. That's a big one. And a good one!
:: writing this post whilst on skype with Little Mister Joey. I write and he reads me something out loud. wow, I tell you!
:: Nicky's Christmas present. And Jamie's. And the Muppet's. Blimey, they know me!
:: first bootcamp of the year! olé!
:: going home at the end of the week for Dad's birthday!
:: Nicky and Jamie inspiring me to write today. much appreciated.
:: perfecting my own bread. first recipe from the book given by the Muppet, yummy if not quite right.
:: Paris. Guide books.

How's 2012 treating you? Do you have aspirations and dreams for the year ahead? I hope your Monday, 2012's second, was a good one 🙂



  1. Plasma Engineer
    9 January 2012 / 22:45

    It was a pleasure to have lunch together sometimes and I hope I was able to contribute towards some of those alleged wrinkles (which incidentally are still completely invisible, unlike my own).

  2. Angela Acosta
    9 January 2012 / 22:52

    Welcome back LMJ. So happy to hear your 2011 was so fabulous. 2012 is treating me well so far. Lots of good things to look forward to. Especially being in my own home soon.

  3. JZ
    10 January 2012 / 05:47


  4. Maarten
    10 January 2012 / 19:56

    Im so glad 2011 was such a wonderful year for you! And obviously wishing you an amazing 2012! See you over a cup of tea in the not so far future :-)greetz,mr. cococita (aka bocky ;-))

  5. vivaciousmel
    10 January 2012 / 23:44

    2011, you rock.2012, youre gonna rock MORE!xx

  6. cococita
    11 January 2012 / 20:39

    Lovely to have you back with your Inspiring Mondays: really missed it! My visit to Oxford was one of the highlights of last year: really enjoyed it and it filled me with energy! I hope (and am pretty sure) 2012 will be an excellent and adventurous year for the Joeys and the cococitas 🙂 See you very soon dear Joey and would love to meet Little Mister Joey too one day … xxx

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