Brazil vs UK

BrazilvsUK-Day 8
: Rio's choperias are for me the closest thing to a British pub. Like in a pub in the UK, one can choose from several different beers and other alcoholic beverages, people seem to feel very much like at home and tend to go their "local", and a few of the regulars really seem to be part of the furniture. In contrast with the UK, choperias have big open entrances (let the fresh air in!) and tile flooring (what's with the carpet, really?). Between you and I, they also seem slightly trapped in 1970s Portugal, but that just adds to the charm!

EP: Well I didn't venture to the pub, so the closest I got was this pub sign. An idyllic scene of someone leaning against an oak tree reading a book while the sun sets – quite a contrast from the raucous atmosphere inside this establishment while a big football match is being screened or a poker night is in full swing. I like the fact that British pubs have painted signs and unusual – often incongruous – names. This one is named after a famous old local tree which is still going (growing?) strong after many centuries.


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