Brazil vs UK

BrazilvsUK-Day 10

LMJ: Rio's postcard, Christ the Redeemer, peacefully watching over the whole of sourthern Rio. For me, Rio is this postcard and the beaches and the food and the people and the relaxed way of life in a charming chaos, but Rio is also much more. Rio is a city that smiles and inspires smiles. How not to love such a place?

EP: This is the nearest thing we have to an iconic building in my neck of the woods. Didcot Power Station. I didn't have to work too hard to get this photo, as this place dominates the landscape for miles around. There's a weird beauty about the cooling towers, especially at sunset. I used to think they were an eyesore. But now I really think I'll miss them when they get knocked down in a few years' time. They've become so closely associated with my local area; it won't be the same when they're gone.


This post ends the series Brazil vs UK, brought to you by yours truly and the Erratic Photographer. I had a great time photographing for the project and really enjoyed the post-production too. The Brazil vs UK series gave me some photographic focus, a few laughs, an amazing collaboration with my favourite photographic buddy, and a set of 10 contrasting images between my adoptive country and the amazing city of Rio de Janeiro. We hope you've enjoyed it too!


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