Brazil vs UK

BrazilvsUK-Day 4
: Friday night in Lapa, a bohemian neighbourhood in Rio famous for Arcos da Lapa, historical buildings and… you guessed, nightlife! LMJ encountered her first caipirinha here and let's say not all photos are as much in focus as this one. It felt a bit like home, people on the street chatting away over drinks having fun. We came back to Lapa. And I will go back to Lapa and have yet another delicious caipirinha!

EP: The kebab van: the traditional end to a Friday night out on the town in Britain. This is where the people go for sustenance as they begin their weary journey home from the pub, or on their merry way to the next watering hole. Sami's Kebabs are an institution in Abingdon. I personally can't stand doner kebabs, but things wouldn't be the same without Sami's van in the market place.



  1. esra
    29 November 2011 / 15:56

    Lovely pictures… i love light vs dark and crowds vs. few people

  2. Little Miss Joey
    1 December 2011 / 20:41

    Thanks 🙂 and it wasnt even planned!

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