::inspiring Mondays::

a view of Oxford
It is Monday. It is a beautiful Monday here in Oxford and one can dream looking at the bright beautiful sky. I like my Mondays, I like my new beginnings, I love clear blue skies on a crispy morning… but my mood is fragile… I barely slept last night, insomnia I think the little bugger that kept me awake is called, and if her and I meet again she's in for a treat. You've been warned, insomnia, enter at your own risk! 
I'm not a great fan of clothes shopping, but I can spend hours in a fabric or knitting shop. I like to see every item and feel its texture and absorbe the atmosphere. No matter how tidy and organised (or not, for that matter) the shop is, it's always a treat for me to go in and explore! I just *love* it. I love everything about it; the possibilities of all those materials, the colours, the textures, observing other people falling under the same spell. If they start serving tea and cake at these places I'm never coming out again! 
:: email from Little Brother first thing this morning 🙂 just when I needed it. 
:: sewing.
:: the golden hour. 
:: watching films. 
:: chamomile tea. 
:: Mason's, in Abingdon. It is chaotic and you struggle to find what you want, but it is a real fine fabric shop, with real people.
:: my sewing machine. thank you, Mum! 
 :: custom orders from Christmas presents. gosh, some people trust me! 
:: Sunday coffee with friends. 
:: Sunday run. Breathing the fresh air! 
:: a beautiful Monday. 
 How is this Monday where you are? Crisp and clear? Hot and sunny? Grey and wet? A combination of all of the above? Do share 🙂


  1. Besoterio
    24 October 2011 / 23:26

    LMJ again thank you for these inspiring posts. Its important to stay focused on the good stuff.

  2. esra
    25 October 2011 / 17:49

    such a beautiful post…love your list and the lovely image. My Monday was pretty lovely, too. Nice fall weather, picture taking and some coffee…

  3. Kate
    26 October 2011 / 01:03

    My Monday was gorgeous, but very, very windy! Had a great run, baked brownies and a pumpkin pie for my boy and took some photos.Always nice to see the skyline of Oxford again! Hope you have a happy week!

  4. Little Miss Joey
    27 October 2011 / 12:38

    Thank you ladies :)And thank you very much for sharing too, it makes so much more sense when you comment… I love it!@Besoterio: your photos of the Autumn leaves are superb :)@Esra: oh that sounds like a deliciously good Monday! Coffee… good coffee… :D@Kate: love the smell of fresh baking on cold days… 🙂 Have fun this week too!

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