::inspiring Mondays::

This was one cold Monday for LMJ. Cold. As in three layers, one of which was a thick fleece. Winter socks you shall be coming out! Yes, you shall! The upside is that I'll be able to wear those handmade socks I received from the Dutchman's lovely mother. Lucky moi, as always!
I like the silence. I bet those who know LMJ and are reading this are laughing hysterically, but it is true. Stop laughing now. LMJ does like the silence, in the right amount. I like the sound of a cold day and the buzz of a warm afternoon by the beach. I *love* my morning walks, me myself and I. I like enjoying the silence with the important people in my life. I read once you know when you are truly comfortable with someone when you can be with them  in silence without it being awkward. I agree.
:: Little Brother and I talking about the future. because each other's opinion really matters.
:: sunny mornings.
:: coffee. the smell of coffee.
:: smiling.
:: the beautiful card I received from the Muppet just because.
:: catching up with dear friends.
:: watching the rugby with people who know about it and explain it to me.
:: hot water.
:: always having someone to turn to!
:: my bed.
:: hot water bottle… we're back together!
Hope you're Monday was warmer than mine 🙂 Do let me know what you were up to, I really like to know! x


  1. JZ
    17 October 2011 / 20:42

    I think you win the bet 😛

  2. Michael Maia
    17 October 2011 / 20:45

    Eu também gosto do silêncio. E gosto de ficar em silêncio com quem eu gosto. Concordo com a afirmação que você leu e compartilhou aqui. Eu realmente me sinto muito confortável com a pessoa que me faz sentir mais saudade de ficar quieto, apenas em silêncio, olhando para ela.E eu não preciso falar, pois nós dois sabemos muito bem de quem eu estou falando.:)

  3. Plasma Engineer
    17 October 2011 / 23:53

    Still comfortable in my short-sleeved shirt, although I must admit that I didnt feel overheated today!

  4. Little Miss Joey
    19 October 2011 / 17:31

    @JZ: I like to think so :P@Michael Maia: :D@Plasma Engineer: three layers today again, thick fleece on top. Your rolled-up sleeves made me even colder 😛

  5. Besoterio
    19 October 2011 / 19:45

    LMJ, we are still enjoying some mild weather in New Jersey. Wish I could send you some. Though it is keeping me from wearing a couple of yummy sweaters I just bought, I am thankful for the sun while it lasts. Stay warm and have great week.

  6. Little Miss Joey
    20 October 2011 / 07:14

    Aww… thanks! Its even colder now, but youre most definitely right – cute winter gear is out :)Have a great week and make the most of your warm weather 🙂

  7. John Chapman
    4 November 2011 / 23:31

    You might like to tell Nicky that was a Heifer – a young cow and not a bull.

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