52 photos project

Last Monday, I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the 52 Photos Project. It was a great experience, I really enjoyed thinking about those questions and make a bit more sense of what photography means to me and how it came about in my life. And that's all very nice and lovely, but what I really wanted to tell you today is not that.
I would like to tell you a little bit about the project and about the other interviewees. Oh my, the other people interviewed so far really are inspirational and have amazing stories to tell about their love affair with photography. I may not be the most romantic little bee around, but even I like a good love story!
The 52 Photos Project is "a community for photographers to display their work and a place to meet people with a shared passion for photography." And it feels just like that. Bella has a brilliant schedule for us to know what is happening when, and in addition to the interviews (on Mondays!) she runs a photo challenge (released on Sunday).
If I may, I suggest you go over and explore all those interviews, with a cuppa and some happy music. And why not join the challenge? Say hi for me!


  1. Katie
    14 October 2011 / 22:23

    Oh, I love “52 Photos Project”. Ive kinda gotten out of the habit of participating since school has started this fall, but the prompts are very insightful. And Bella has such a way of making you feel happy! Congrats on the interview! : )

  2. esra
    17 October 2011 / 16:13

    Sounds like a wonderful project. Ill check it out. Thanks for sharing. And congrats on your interview!

  3. Bella
    18 October 2011 / 11:10

    🙂 It was my pleasure to feature your work. Thank you, thank you! – for your kind words. xo

  4. cococita
    19 October 2011 / 13:40

    Thanks for sharing dear LMJ! I just finished Reto Fotografia, so I am searching for another challenge. And yes, there you are, right on time! Loved reading your interview! I think you are inspiring a lot of people, on different areas of life 🙂

  5. Little Miss Joey
    19 October 2011 / 17:28

    @Katie: the posts are definitely insightful, what a good way to put it 🙂 I love seeing it just for inspiration, even if I cant join the project fully :)@esra: Thanks! Hope youve enjoyed 52 photos :)@Bella: thank you 🙂 x@cococita: you just made me blush yet again! You are so sweet to me, Miss E.! You have me lost for words…! x

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