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vinho verde in Bristol
enjoying Portuguese vinho verde (green wine) in Bristol. the joys of a little bit of home away.

Simple is a word I love. I love its simplicity (ha!) and I love its meaning. There seems to be a tendency to look down on simple and that bugs me. Simple is great. A simple life, simple pleasures, simple gestures. It seems to me some people often mistake simple with basic and therefore fail to enjoy the simple things. 

All this talk about simple and my love of it, was to be a simple introduction to the These Moments project I'm involved with before it grew a life of its own; you know what it is like with words, don't you? So let's move on smoothly to These Moments, shall we? Nobody noticed the little detour…
Awhile ago, I came across the These Moments Flickr group. I joined it and shared a few photos and found myself really enjoying the simplicity of everyday life. As the name suggests, the group is about capturing moments. When you're doing it daily, you really become aware of the simple things that are made special by the fact you've noticed them. This made me somehow happier, being aware of all these simple things around me that could be so beautiful if only I saw them, rather than just seeing through them.
Eventually I contacted Kate, the founder of the project to be involved with curating for the blog and she said yes. This is proving a great experience for me. It is more work than I originally thought it would be, mainly because I had never done anything of the sort, and in fairness I don't do that much, but oh my do I *LOVE* it! I see amazing moments every day, I discover new photographers and bloggers regularly, I pick my brains trying to look at photos differently to select themes every other week, and most of all, I get to chat with a wonderful lady on a regular basis, Kate
Kate has a vision for the project and she's slowly building that vision. Her photos illustrate the lives of so many of us in great colours; the good, the bad, and the ugly (yet it still looks cool!) She brought a new feature to the blog where contributors to the Flickr group can share their experiences and talk about their photography. She created a challenge group on Flickr which is really taking off. She plans giveaways and brainstorms on how to improve the project. And one day we will have a self-hosted These Moments project website. 
I'm about to go now and enjoy some of life's simple pleasures. If I may suggest a little Friday plan for you, is that you go and explore the These Moments Flickr and blog pages. And smile! It is Friday 😀


  1. cococita
    7 October 2011 / 21:48

    Thanks for sharing my dearest LMJ! I am with you on the beauty of simplicity and I think you know it 🙂 Which reminds me of our project. Still want to do it, but need some more time …This photo is wonderful by the way. The delights of a good glass of wine, some sunshine and a (couple of) friend(s) to share this with. Thats what life is all about: enjoying these little, simple moments. It reminds me of your minimallistically post 🙂 and makes me smile and dreaming of warmth, in my cold and little Belgium. But I do enjoy the warmth of our cosy home and candles 🙂 and … of your word and image art.Thanks!xxx

  2. Christian
    7 October 2011 / 22:43

    Awe, what a sweet post.Love your photo!

  3. Besoterio
    7 October 2011 / 23:46

    Simplicity is everything.

  4. Dobbin
    8 October 2011 / 18:30

    Ran out of wine glasses?

  5. chelle
    9 October 2011 / 23:41

    I can totally relate & its so nice to be able to come here & share it with other photographers, thanks to you & Kate for all your work !!

  6. Little Miss Joey
    10 October 2011 / 12:15

    @cococita: we are so similar in such a cute fun way, Miss E 🙂 We will do our project, we have time, were not in a rush!This is vinho verde on top of it all! Love it love it love it :Pxxx@Christian: 🙂 thanks, cant go wrong with photographing wine on a summers day (in the Autumn :P)@Besoterio: 😀 @Dobbin: constructive!@chelle: So glad you appreciate the group, chelle 🙂 Keep sharing, its wonderful when people engage 🙂 x

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