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Bristol by the water original
This was the first Monday in October and it was hot. Proper hot. Indian summer, at last! This Indian summer I never really believed in until a week ago, and now I do. For it is real! A meteorological phenomenon, wikipedia calls it, and I agree. And love it!
I am 31 years old. And I have at last learned to appreciate what I have and realise that the little things you may moan about today you may come to miss tomorrow. Sounds so simple and yet realising this makes me feel I've achieved something great. And therefore I have, as LMJ's opinion of her own accomplishments is important. 
:: Indian summer. but of course!
:: Bristol.
:: vinho verde with friends.
:: sunbathing on the balcony.
:: massages.
:: Little Brother's emails. I think you'll really like this.
:: calling my parents just now. I miss them. and Dad asking me about the weather, of course!
:: friends recording series for me because they know I'll like it.
:: Spooks. Spooks on a big screen.
:: baby kittens. life is indeed beautiful!
:: water.
:: sunshine. oh the sunshine!
:: cycling.
Today this list could go on and on. I think it's trying to compensate the fact that on this Monday, my friend T. was not on the train… life goes on and his most certainly will, just as he deserves. And I'm so happy for him… it's just that my mornings just got a little less bright, a little less Dutch, a little bit different… and that is what saudade is all about.
How was your Monday? Inspired? Inspiring? Filled with new beginnings and sweet expectation?

Little note: I had a bit of a play with the photo in Photoshop, but turns out I prefer the original (no edit whatsoever). I still put the edited version on Flickr, if you want to comment.



  1. Michael Maia
    3 October 2011 / 21:50

    Não entendo m… nenhuma de fotografia, mas também prefiro a original! :)Minha segunda feira também foi inspiradora e cheia de novas rotinas. Gosto. E gosto de ler sobre as suas. Tranformou-se numa agradável rotina também. 😉

  2. cococita
    3 October 2011 / 22:46

    Love this post LMJ! Its so you! Today I realized that I really really miss you … Thinking of celebrating my 32nd Birthday in O.: wouldnt that be wonderful?Feel sorry about T., another good friend who has left O. But you know, distance doesnt change real friendships 🙂 Like amor, friendship omnia vincit …Your original photo is a lot more beautiful than the edited one (okay, thats just my opinion, but still :)). Love it sweetie: the boats, the light, the rhythm in these houses at the water side, the lovely lanterns … Bristol looks like a wonderful place. Will put it on my travel wishlist too, but first PT, after la douce France 🙂 Tomorrow is the very first day of my 5-year graphic design course … Feeling so excited … And really enjoying my me, myself and I-time. Books, candles, music, photography, e-course, blogging, nature, new people, delicious food … Life can be so beautiful! Nighty night x

  3. Dobbin
    3 October 2011 / 23:06

    This makes Bristol look quite attractive, like its in the south of France…the power of photography. The unedited one is better.

  4. Besoterio
    4 October 2011 / 00:30

    My Monday was not so inspiring but after work then grocery shopping I did call my sister. The most important thing I did all day.

  5. Little Miss Joey
    4 October 2011 / 13:13

    @Michael: gosto da tua opiniao, sobretudo quando e concordante com a minha 😛 e tambem gosto de saber das tuas rotinas :)@cococita: Yes! Yes! Yes! That would be wonderful. Let me know more :Dthanks for the thought… I know youre right… some days are just a bit harder than others realising that, I guess…:D it is my opinion too. the light and its softness is what swings it for me 🙂 I think youd like Bristol, and so would Bocky… it has an amazing jazz scene :DIt is today! Yay 😀 so happy for this new adventure of yours!Its good you enjoy your own time, sweetie. Life is indeed lovely :)xxx@Dobbin: Bristol is attractive! @Besoterio: thank you for the visit and the comment 🙂 I also did grocery shopping yesterday, essential but not on my top 10, nor even top 20 favourite activities 😛

  6. Ana Eugenio
    7 October 2011 / 20:43

    an ::inspiring monday:: to brighten up a friday 🙂 have a great weekend dear, as Im sure you will. my week as been ::inspiring:: too. now I feel incomplete when Ive to go out without my camera! lol 🙂 Im finding hard to learn how to work with the shutter speed and the aperture, but slowly Ill get there. had the most delightful family session on Sunday (with old friends) and Im still tasting the sweetness of that day. xoxo

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