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Magdalen College Gargoyles
pink rose in magdalen college
Magdalen College


  1. Ana Eugenio
    29 September 2011 / 17:33

    love the colors and the light on these photos. so dreamy. you should share your art more often 🙂 today I gave you the Versatile Blogger award! check my blog dear. xo

  2. JZ
    29 September 2011 / 18:18

    great photos. I especially like the gargoyle. Youve got a good eye for spotting it. In all my years, I havent! The good weather helps 🙂

  3. Little Miss Joey
    29 September 2011 / 21:52

    @Ana: Thanks Ana, thats such a sweet comment! And thank you very much for the award 😀 xxx@JZ: Scouts motto – always look up 😉

  4. Fenny Setiawan
    30 September 2011 / 10:16

    Gorgeous photos, I love the roses 🙂

  5. cococita
    30 September 2011 / 13:13

    Wooow, sooo beautiful. Plan to visit Magdalen College next time I will be there 🙂 The light in the first photo is so wonderful and so is the blue sky: unique in Oxford, isnt it? ;)x

  6. esra
    30 September 2011 / 17:15

    These are so beautiful. such wonderful colors and lovely light!

  7. Juliet
    3 October 2011 / 14:50

    ME ENCANTA!son preciosas esas fotos!:)maravillosas!nunca he estado en Oxford, pero espero poder ir cuando vuelva a mi Londres querido!!muaaaaa

  8. Little Miss Joey
    5 October 2011 / 06:56

    @Fenny: 🙂 thanks Fenny!@cococita: we.must.go! I thought youd been! Fairytale light, fairytale light here :)@esra: thank you and welcome :)@Juliet: ola 😀 gracias. se te gusta viajar (ha visto tu blog) tienes que visitar 🙂

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