flowers at the gate
Photographing my little world is great. It is. I take great joy from it and I'm beginning to actually like some of the shots. I'd call that progress! A big part of the progress has to be LMJ the blog and a lot could be said about this, but this particular post is not to be a reflection on the journey thus far. This post is a belly-full type rant i.e. not a rant at all but more of a LMJ-is-actually-happy-with-so-many-photographic-opportunities type post. Let us procceed.
Little Miss Joey enjoys all this photography taking. Little Miss Joey photographs RAW. Little Miss Joey has to go through all the photographs (note to self: must learn batch minimal edit in Photoshop!). Little Miss Joey has a huge backlog of images waiting to be looked at. So ideally, I would need about… let me calculate this properly… [insert tongue out moment here]… yes, I would need around 31 hour days to have time for it all (24 hour normal day + 7 hours, my favourite number; yes, very diligent calculations on the tongue out moment).
So it's all down to time. The thing is, the above paragraph does not make full sense unless LMJ discloses her other interests (or time milking activities, whichever you wanna call it, really!). She has a fabulously brilliant new app to promote everywhere, Mcol*! She has a brilliant bunch of people around her that make socialising and chatting away and having dinner and cocktails and etc etc etc so much fun and not-to-be-missed opportunities. She has a green cardi on the needles (and a pair of socks which has been facing the second sock syndrome for the last year). She has books to read, namely Brazil: Five Centuries of Change. She has meals to prepare and savour. Oh, and the iron and laundry refuse to sort themselves out!
Indeed, it is a belly-full non-rant. Gosh, I'm lucky. My cunning plan of moaning to see how lucky I am worked! Brilliant! I'm patting myself on the back and smirking at how incredibly clever I was. No more moaning about lack of time, you move at your own pace anyway, LMJ. Just enjoy whatever is happening… every day… one day at a time.
*done by Little Brother.


  1. cococita
    27 August 2011 / 09:53

    Again a beautiful, true and so wise post 🙂 Again, loved to read it 🙂 How about your cardi? Curious about the evolution … and thinking of coming over again to O. in fall 🙂 To be continued 😉 xxx

  2. Debby
    30 August 2011 / 00:53

    Really nice shot! I love the colors and the perspective. The fence adds such wonderful interest.

  3. Ana Eugenio
    30 August 2011 / 17:01

    such a dreamy shot. I imagine it as the entrance to a fairy tale castle. your photography is amazing, you should like it more often! Im glad youre making progress there 🙂 is it better to photograph RAW? Ive been doing it in jpg but Kim Klassen introduced it in a small lesson on this Essentials edition and it was all new to me. whats the difference? xoxo

  4. Little Miss Joey
    31 August 2011 / 22:40

    @cococita: thanks sweetie 🙂 cardi is a bit stopped now, too much going now for August and September… hopefully will get back to it shortly. Body done until arm pits and first sleeve on the needles 🙂 Oh, yes, please do come, we can talk about dates via email 😀 xxx@Debby: thank you very much for the feedback, it really helps my motivation 🙂 lovely! x@Ana: Thank you for the feedback, very encouraging and making me blush even 🙂 Yes, it is much better to photograph in RAW because you have more control over the post editing process. I used to know a really good analogy that I cant remember at all now… but it is better for editing later! You can adjust levels and contrast and whatnot almost as on the camera, whereas with Jpg youre editing over a print almost, if that makes sense. Hope this helps…. x

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