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Bench by the river
A Monday is a Monday and like most days ends up being what we make of it. Or rather, what we make of whatever happens to us, as not all that happens is our choice or is within our control. I tend to be a glass half full type of person, it makes me happier and I am all in favour of what makes me happy, but even I have to admit that some days are just a bit longer than others. Today, and today could be a Wednesday, even though it isn't as I'm sure you've noticed, is one of those days. A day for which coming up with something inspiring takes a long time and requires deep thought and concentration. I'm sure by definition this means I will then enjoy it more once it's all written below as proof of my amazing luck!
LMJ is a glass half full type of person. The silly kind, not the annoying one. The type that is happy only the foot hurts rather than the whole body. And today we will leave it here, shall we?
:: photography. my own little world of it.
:: photography. the way it makes me feel.
:: my Nikon. all mine. 
:: the calmness of Oxford. at times. 
:: watching life go by on a bench.
:: enjoying what you have. 
:: friends.
:: home.
How was your Monday? What has been inspiring you today?


  1. Dobbin
    26 July 2011 / 18:58

    The more I look at this photo the more I like it – it really grows on you! I have to agree it wasnt a very inspiring Monday this week for me either…

  2. Little Miss Joey
    26 July 2011 / 23:08

    🙂 Thanks Nicky.well, on the bright side… we were uninspired together 😛

  3. Ana Eugenio
    27 July 2011 / 01:04

    even not inspired, I love your Inspiring Mondays. only now had the chance to read it and Im happy your Tuesday brighten up 🙂 check wonderland to see the Photo Challenge I came up with and, please, let me know if what Ive written makes sense. dont know if I was clear about the project itself 😉 I love benches, this is a spot I would love to know. xoxo

  4. Little Miss Joey
    27 July 2011 / 18:35

    Thanks Ana, such nice feedback gets me back in gear :)Ive added my photo to the challenge, such a good idea!x

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