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I came across Nathalie's work at her blog, lumière du matin, which is one of the most peaceful and beautiful blogs I've ever seen. Her photos are delicate and happy… I find it difficult to put into words how inspiring they are, but I really want to pick up my camera and go wander around capturing flares and sunshine and beautiful details.

She was an obvious choice for me because looking at her images I immediately wanted to know how she captured light in such a glorious way. Fortunately for LMJ and readers, she agreed to be featured here and tell us about her photography and what inspires her.

Thank you so much Joey for asking me on your beautiful blog, it is a pleasure for me to be here.
I make photography and love capturing light with analog cameras such as an Hasselblad, a Semflex (wich is a french medium format camera from the 1950s) and a Canon AE1. I also own a digital reflex camera but rarely use it. I was thinking about selling it at one stage but now have decided to keep it. I had a little "incident" during my holidays where I was visiting a beautiful place in the South of France. For a strange reason, I was not able to put a film in my camera, it would not just work. My digital camera was in the car parked miles away and I really missed it then !!! So I have in memory some photos "not taken" that day, somehow they feel very special …
To me photography is a meditation, "letting go" so the slow process and mystery of working with films correspond fully to my sensitivity. I love the way it brings magic into my life. Furthermore, this is where it all started for me when I was younger. A few years back, I have renewed with my first love. I would say that photography is a therapy also. I call it my "art de vivre", a french expression which can mean "art of living". I can say that I am positively addicted to photography!
As for finding inspiration it is everywhere to be found : nature, travel, places, exhibitions, cinemas, books, magazines, creatives, other photographers, living  …
I am currently working on 3 different on-going projects which I hope will become books and cards. "Silence" which is a contemplative approach where I photograph the lake I have been going on holiday since my childhood.
silence 1
"St Emilion" is a little village near Bordeaux, it is famous for its wine and very touristic in high season. I wanted to explore this village through the seasons, early in the morning when all is quiet and find the poetic details of the place which may be overlooked while there are a lot of people around. The third project is about light in the South of France and for the moment, it is called "Lumière du sud". These are growing little by little and can be found on my blog and portfolio.
Apart from that, I have been wanting to take portraits, I am actually craving for that type of photography, so this is my fourth project !
I love working on projects, they give me a sense of direction, a way of crafting visual stories …
clin d'oeil


After reading Nathalie's thoughts on photography and seeing her images once again, I really want to go back to France and see all these places she talks about. I want to absorb the light there like a little plant doing photosynthesis. With my camera, mind you!
Luckily for me, until I am able to go to France and fulfill my plan, I can visit Nathalie's shop. I'm sure you're keen too!
Thank you very much for being part of my growing up in photography path, Nathalie 🙂
Nathalie Causselalanne Photographie in links
shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lumieredumatin?ref=ss_profile


  1. Ana Eugenio
    24 July 2011 / 19:59

    love every word 🙂 so good that youre sharing it here. truly inspiring! thank you both 🙂

  2. lumieredumatin
    26 July 2011 / 16:59

    thank you so much Joey for this interview and your beautiful words, it is an honour for me to be here … you write so well !! bonne soirée 🙂

  3. Little Miss Joey
    26 July 2011 / 23:13

    @Ana: Im so glad you like it Ana. Nathalies work is so amazing and Im so happy I could share it here! xxx@lumieredumatin: Thank you so much for agreeing to this Nathalie 🙂 You are a great inspiration! x

  4. Dobbin
    27 July 2011 / 14:05

    These photos are great, I would love to know how to achieve the dreamy sun flare effect with the hexagons! Really interesting post.

  5. Debby
    29 July 2011 / 02:59

    LMJ… can I go with you to France… ?! Its one of the only destinations Ive been to in Europe, and before I had my good camera. I want to badly to get back and take thousands of photos.

  6. Little Miss Joey
    31 July 2011 / 18:26

    😀 of course you can Debby! Its such a photogenic country!

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