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umbrella in July

Today is a great Monday. Yes, I could do with another Sunday attached to yesterday to be even happier. Yes, I could do with another Sunday to have a bit of a lie in. Yes, yes, yes, but all things considered this is a Monday to remember. I am happy and light and the world is filled with colour. Just thought I'd drop that in there as I may be returning to a colour theme pretty soon. Hint.

I like hands. I like to photograph them and see how they move and admire them. I like how some are strong and I like the delicacy of others. My parents have the most beautiful hands, really complementing each other. Dad's are strong manly hands, always neat and clean, chocolate brown in the summer; Mum's are delicate and beautiful and naturally tidy. What I love most about hands is how they add to what people say, how they sit quietly in people's laps at times, how they can make you feel so welcome with a single gentle touch, how they tell a story.
:: an amazing weekend.
:: warm gifts in the post. I should be attempting at photographing these at the weekend, the parcel deserves it.
:: Harry Potter final film tonight. Wands ready. I don't have a wand, but I have an imagination.
:: playing with photography and Pedro. good fun.
:: laughing from the belly. do you know that? it's funny. and genuine.
:: planning world domination through cuteness. it's hysterical, I tell you. even if not successful!
:: showing off Oxford to Asia. feels good!
:: sending one word texts to Nicky. you should try.
What is inspiring you on this July Monday? Do share below so we can all smile (and/or laugh) too.
Little note: the photo represents this summer in the UK in more ways than one… yes, it rains… yes, we still enjoy life and its colours 😉


  1. Ana Eugenio
    18 July 2011 / 23:21

    you share so much beauty 🙂 a true inspiration. thank you dear 🙂 Droplets is inspiring me today. dont know if you had the chance to see the blog, this week assignment is a true challenge and Im thrilled with it 🙂

  2. Little Miss Joey
    18 July 2011 / 23:23

    Thank you Ana, so nice of you :)I have checked the website and found it really challenging indeed 😀 excellent!I have also introduced myself.Let the games begin!x

  3. cococita
    19 July 2011 / 00:11

    You sound so happy LMJ! It makes me smile and could make my day, but its already 1 am so this expression doesnt count 🙂 Lovely photo! World domination through colour can almost start! 🙂 And I love hands too, they can be so speaking. Together with the eyes, they are the most fascinating parts of the body for me, as they can say so much about someone. Wish you a happy and creative week! xxxPS: the Droplets assignment is amazing 🙂

  4. Little Miss Joey
    19 July 2011 / 06:56

    I have had a lovely weekend, better be happy with the little things, right? :DColour. hihihi!Thinking about what Im going to do… challenging… I like it!Speak soon hon xxx

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