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old red door
Monday is here again and all I can think of is that we're already getting closer to the weekend. Isn't that great? I think it is!
I like red doors. One day, I would like to have a red door. Preferably attached to a house. I imagine it in wood, old and heavy, and red. It will be big. People will come in through it and smile. I will smile every single time I look at it. I will also remember when I dreamt about having a red door and smile a bit more. Oh, happiness…!
:: excellent weekend with E.! 
:: classical music concert, E's idea. brilliant! 
:: planning world domination through colour with cococita 😀
:: sunshine. and heat. yes. yay!
:: another 10K. a whole minute faster. Go go me 😛 and my running partners did ever so well!
:: ice cream. 
:: Oxford is pretty.
:: wandering around Oxford with E.
:: watching the F1 with the boys, J and Nicky.
:: watching the tour de France. reminds me of being little and watching the Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta (I like it better in Portuguese).
:: photographing. 
:: house sitting with JJ. he deserves a photo soon. and so do you, he is a gorgeous cat!
What's inspiring you today? I'd love to know, feeling curious today!


  1. Dobbin
    12 July 2011 / 00:08

    A PB in the 10K = v inspiring…

  2. Little Miss Joey
    12 July 2011 / 13:10

    Indeed a great achievement, young Nicholas 🙂

  3. cococita
    13 July 2011 / 15:34

    Happiness oh happiness! E. loved this quality time with LMJ and some very inspiring days in O. Thanks a lot for all these lovely hours, hope to be back/see you again very very soon. Big kiss, me PS: congratz on your 10k-time, which is just amazing!

  4. Little Miss Joey
    13 July 2011 / 22:20

    😀 all my pleasure! x

  5. Silvia La Gata Con Botas
    14 July 2011 / 14:48

    I love that door!! 🙂 And I want to see a photo of JJ 😉 There is a giveaway in my blog… just in case you want to visit 🙂

  6. Little Miss Joey
    14 July 2011 / 22:01

    JJ is up on the blog 🙂 Finally persuaded him to contribute!Oh thats lovely. Ive seen the place mats, lovely!

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