::inspiring Mondays::

Pink rose

Having Monday morning off is a great start to the week. Even if it is just delaying the inevitable and means you stay in work a wee bit late. I thoroughly recommend it!

I am having a hard time coming up with little facts to share about myself whilst staying true to the nature of this feature ie producing pretty useless pieces of information about moi même while making it sound very interesting (or not, to be discussed!). And I'm pretty sure that counts as a fact. If that still isn't enough for LMJ fans out there, I can also say she'd like a little cartoon version of herself to resemble Mafalda but with blue eyes and brown hair. Hihihi… the thought is enough to make me giggle!
:: my visitors, M and MJ. it was wonderful to see them both and chat and eat good food and chat some more.
:: Ascot poshness. great day out. I love fascinators.
:: Ascot photos. cute!
:: wandering around Oxford. pretty.
:: lemon drizzle cake.
:: Sunday roast.
:: yellow.
:: navy blue.
:: curry.
:: slow Mondays.
The end of June is upon us. Blimey, this year is flying past! Hope you've all had a great Monday 🙂

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  1. cococita
    22 June 2011 / 18:10

    Sounds like a lovely weekend 🙂

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