pink weekend

a world of pink
It's Friday, everyone! Yay! (I'm sure you knew that, but I thought I'd say it anyway!)
I'm off to Bristol for a nice girly weekend with dear friends with whom I used to live. One day I'll tell you our stories. Today is not that day. Today is the day I tell you I've packed more shoes than I'll wear but forgot the contact lenses. Priorities, right? Wrong, LMJ, very wrong! At least my glasses are safely on my little face, allowing me to see the world in focus. I also have an umbrella! This means it will not rain, as I seem to be one of those unfortunate people who carries an umbrella *only* when it does not rain; I've joined more than half the world's population on this one, to be in with the majority.
I am taking my camera and my knitting, the new cardi I've bought wool for a couple of weeks ago. There's only a few rows on the needles yet but it's so soft. Actually, it's soooooooo soft!
My girly weekend is the reason I've chosen a photo with pink. Pink for girls. Even though pink is not up there with my favourite colours. In fact, it's down there with the other pink type colours whose names I can't remember or pronounce or bother to remember or all three. But I like this photo because it's also dreamy and peaceful. And I always feel peaceful when I go to Bristol.
Have a good weekend everyone, pink or otherwise!

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