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a touchy portrait
Fear not. The photo above does have an explanation. Keep on reading, little impatient you.
By now you and the world (for you are the world! and I'm a poet!) know I'm into street photography and would like to explore it further. I've been an avid little sponge for photos and articles on street photography and the more I see the more interested I become. 
On one of these online searches for inspiration, I came across the project Street Photography Now. You can read all about it here and buy the book on Amazon here. They also have a project which delivers a weekly email with a little prompt to get you going. This week's theme was:
Hence the photo. My glamorous assistant loved every minute! I pretend to punch, he pretends to fly away with the impact. Neither of us will have a career in acting after this, but such is life; there's always fishing to keep us going… oh wait, not good at that either… 


  1. Dobbin
    9 June 2011 / 00:20

    Hey! Ive already got an acting credit under my belt: they said you should be at arms length Im not sure they meant you hit the other person ;)Nice photo though and I like the desaturated look, will have to get the recipe for that.

  2. cococita
    9 June 2011 / 22:21

    Your photographic experiments are amazing! 🙂 Cool picture! 🙂 I think you guys have lots of fun together, discovering the world of street photography. Enjoy it! I am looking forward to seeing the results of the exploring process. x

  3. Little Miss Joey
    10 June 2011 / 07:41

    @Dobbin: The photo was approved on the group 😀 yay!@cococita: Thanks Elke! Were really keen to do this, should indeed be great fun 🙂 Keep you posted!

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