::inspiring Mondays::

first film in Oxford
This was one of those Mondays that deserved a "really, already?!?" kind of welcome. The weekend was good and I could have done with a couple more days to delight my sight in good photography and slow knitting. The real world, however, had other plans for me and apparently this Monday had been scheduled to appear for a while now so there was no delaying it. In the end, other than the 30 minutes oversleeping, it was a pretty good day 🙂
My favourite dish is my Mum's jardineira, a Portuguese type stew. Mum cooks it for me whenever I go home and on request. Mine will never be the same. Ever! My second favourite dish is grilled fish, with boiled potatoes and fresh salad. Oh my! Yummy! Portuguese style, of course. My third favourite is anything Mum cooks. Seriously! 
:: my first film 
:: little brother's comment on said film.
:: speaking to Dad about the film.
:: everyone's comments on the film. so sweet and encouraging.
:: realising there's more to life than said film and getting on with it.
:: today's visitors in work.
:: weekend in Bristol. can't wait.
:: housesitting with a cat. I'm putting this on my CV, I tell you.
:: my iPod.
:: knitting.
All in all, not a bad Monday, not a bad Monday at all 🙂
Hope you've had a nice start to the week… it can only improve from here!


  1. cococita
    7 June 2011 / 20:45

    this photo is so nice. really cant stop looking at it. dreaming about a poster format in our living room, to have a little piece of Oxford chez nous :-)enjoy your week!! miss you … x

  2. Debby
    8 June 2011 / 15:06

    Great photo! And I enjoy your writing so much It always brings a much needed smile to my face 🙂

  3. Little Miss Joey
    8 June 2011 / 17:00

    @cococita: Thank you 🙂 of course you can have all my photos on your wall :PMiss you too. Almost here 🙂 x@Debby: what a sweet thing to say 🙂 Im glad I make you smile 🙂 xxx

  4. vicki dvorak
    9 June 2011 / 07:41

    Well, hi, Joey! This is so awesome! I love the idea of spontaneous, care-free photos. You are so full of life and vitality. P.S. Thats so nice that you listed the Raining Umbrellas crowd in your sidebar. 🙂

  5. Little Miss Joey
    9 June 2011 / 13:01

    Thank you so much for such a sweet comment, Vicki :)Hehe… that way I can keep an eye on my inspiring classmates 🙂

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