::inspiring Mondays::

WIP red hat
I almost forgot this week's inspiring Mondays because today feels like a Sunday. And that's the first brilliant thing about this Monday. Bank holiday. Yay! It has rained, as expected on a long weekend, but it doesn't really matter. Do you know when your Saturday is different just because you have Monday off to look forward to? My weekend was just like that, nice and long and chilled and there's still tomorrow to come. Lucky me!
I love wool. Yarn. Of all sorts, soft and colourful. I can spend hours in wool shops going through every single yarn type and taking forever to decide what I want without any guilt. It's pure pleasure. I got some more today. For a specific project, this time…
:: Boris and Megan and Samson; adorable!
:: Megan sleeping on my lap for hours. inspiring Mondays almost became inspiring Tuesdays.
:: wander around with my camera.
:: cinema. I love the cinema.
:: knitting. the WIP red hat above.
:: wool for a cardigan. green. 
:: John Lewis. yarn. dangerous. good dangerous.
:: winning this giveaway by the inspirational Kim Klassen. Can't believe how lucky I've been recently!
:: featured in the Creative Challenge mosaic! Oui! Thanks, Twiggs 🙂
:: photography 
Hope you all had a happy Monday, if not with yarn with something that takes your fancy! Tea, maybe? Have a good week 🙂

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