::Raining umbrellas:: three week balance

Bluebells in Oxfordshire

Little Miss Joey is now on the last week of the Raining Umbrellas course and has realised two things: 1. she doesn't like good things to end (what a surprise, LMJ!) and 2. she's an artist (hahahaha… still feels very weird but a goal is a goal and I like to stick to mine!). 

Raining Umbrellas has made me more focussed and less lazy in getting creative things done. It showed me thinking about things is very lovely, but doing them is even more lovely. This week has not been prolific on time for LMJ so the creative exercises are not yet completed and the weekly assignment is just a cute B&W sketch on my notebook (which reminds me I can't draw!), but the ideas are pouring as plans of action for when I have the time. Ideas, not vague thoughts. 
This is our last week and I wish it could drag for a bit longer… like good ice cream!
Little note: I like this photo. It's from a trip with Nicky and other friends to Harcourt Arboretum in Oxfordshire, UK. Fairy tale light in this country, I tell you. I bet you'd like to move here now. I won't mention British weather so as not to put you off just now…


  1. Elke
    24 May 2011 / 22:57

    Yes, it was a great time and inspiring. I just love that I discovered work like yours. I will keep coming back after the workshop. Elke

  2. Plasma Engineer
    24 May 2011 / 23:24

    So . . . that English weather includes the current drought conditions? OK – it rained a bit yesterday – but the farmers are complaining. OK – hard to find a time when the farmers are not complaining! But its pretty dry and even the gardeners are complaining already. A friend of mine tells me that she sometimes expects herself to see hobbits in Oxfordshire. The countryside is so Lord of the Rings. It is easy to forget that it looks pretty when you live here.

  3. Little Miss Joey
    25 May 2011 / 07:09

    @Elke: 😀 Thank you for such a sweet comment! We have definitely been very lucky with the classmates we got in the draw 🙂 and youre already on my feed 🙂 x@Plasma Engineer: hahahahaha… Im a foreigner, it comes with the job description to moan about the weather! You should know this by now 😛 I am the only person admitting we had a great summer last year, so Im not the worst around :)Well, Mr Tolkien did live in Oxford… inspiration for all things pretty 😀

  4. Fenny Setiawan
    26 May 2011 / 04:12

    Joey I always admire your picture about flowers.. I think its beautiful. And of course I am so happy I am able to know you from the course 🙂

  5. Little Miss Joey
    26 May 2011 / 13:16

    Aww… thanks Fenny! Its very sweet of you to say and important for me to read because I was wondering if it was getting boring to only show flowers… Im not even a very I-photograph-flowers kind of person :)It is lovely to have met you too and be able to read your blog :)x

  6. Debby
    26 May 2011 / 16:25

    I love this photo! The colors and light are amazing, and the background seems very fairytale like, kind of mysterious.

  7. Little Miss Joey
    26 May 2011 / 20:30

    Thanks Debby :)This Arboretum is beautiful and I would definitely recommend a visit 🙂

  8. Little Miss Joey
    26 May 2011 / 20:31

    Thanks Debby :)This Arboretum is beautiful and I would definitely recommend a visit 🙂

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