::Raining umbrellas:: two week balance

Window above

 As the whole world and the other half knows, I am doing the Raining Umbrellas creativity course, with Vicki and a collection of inspirational ladies from all over the world. Typically, the state of high excitement about things diminishes as time goes by, much to the relief of one's friends, but… not always. And this is one of those cases, my enthusiasm about the course has in fact increased. 

Had I written this post yesterday, I would have told you I'm finding myself in this creative world and how I can actually now say the word artist with reference to myself even if as a murmur and with a giggle of embarassment, but it's there. I would say I enjoy my daily routine of wandering around my classmates' blogs and feeling inspired while learning about my own style. Yes, I would have said all that yesterday and I say that today. But I also say something else.
Vicki. She is responsible for my initial enthusiasm and she is responsible for my very much increased excitement about Raining Umbrellas. See, I've had plenty of teachers and tutors in my life. I remember most of them but I have kept very few in my heart as role models. One day if you ask nicely I can tell you about them all. Today, I am telling you about Vicki, for she is definitely a tutor I will be keeping in my heart for years to come. And to me, those are the true tutors, those who can shape your life and how you see it. And Vicki has, to me. Thank you, Vicki. So very much.
Little note: this photo is nothing special, I suppose. unless you see what I see. looking up, always, for there are windows where there are no doors. or how to be happy with what you have. I did say somewhere I had a vivid imagination…


  1. live a lot
    20 May 2011 / 05:48

    I smile when I read your post!You seem like a very sweet and wise person :-)Malin

  2. Little Miss Joey
    20 May 2011 / 17:41

    Oh Malin, thank you for your sweet comment :)Glad it made you smile!x

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