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little street to the sea

We all have moments. All sorts of moments. And sometimes we photograph these moments. I would like to encourage you to not only photograph these moments, but also to share them on the These Moments Flickr group. Need more prompting? Nicky has done already and we all know he's quite the trend setter!

Now that you all thought I was completely obsessed with the Raining Umbrellas course (hats off if you've spotted that, because I am) and were expecting to read only about it (hats back on if you really thought that!), I come here with a very different topic and throw you off guard! Clever! But why? As of yesterday, I am co-admin of the These Moments Flickr group. Thank you Kate!
On a casual Flickr stroll through the groups I had joined, I noticed Kate's request for help with the group. I thought it would be interesting to enquire about it. I did. She said she'd welcome my contribution. And here we are. It is really that simple, a moment indeed we could show you photos of had we ever met in person. Which we haven't. But maybe we will. If by now you haven't clicked any of the links and you're wondering who Kate is, she's the founder of the These Moments group and a lovely photographer who enjoys capturing moments. I'm sure we will have a lot of fun in our new adventure and I do hope you join us there 🙂
Ah, almost forgot… so what does my contribution entail? To select five photos every Thursday to be featured on the These Moments blog. Simple, huh? No! I cheated on my first day!


  1. slightlyme
    5 May 2011 / 21:13

    No, thank you! x

  2. cococita
    6 May 2011 / 00:14

    Nice project Joey. You busy busy bee! I really admire you for that. Its an original and valuable Flickr group theme: the importance of all these little moments is big in our lives, and I think people often forget that. Being busy as you are, I wish you some relaxing moments and some exclusive Joey-time. x

  3. primalchild
    6 May 2011 / 07:26

    That sounds like a wonderful idea for a group, Im headed there now! You are quite the creative writer by the way, its a style I couldnt pull off myself, but I love to read it on your blog.

  4. Dobbin
    6 May 2011 / 09:07

    Its true…I am the token male in the These Moments group it seems!

  5. Little Miss Joey
    6 May 2011 / 12:19

    @slightly me: 🙂 loving it!@cococita: you know me, theres always Little Miss Joey time to be had 🙂 I need it to be happy! Once you set these things up, they dont take that much time, believe it or not 🙂 And we have a saying in Portugal: he who runs for love does not get tired (not a very good translation, but you get the gist :))@primachild: oh thank you! Only yesterday I was thinking about my writing style… with doubts :PHope you like the group :)@Dobbin: we needed one! 😀

  6. suzie
    7 May 2011 / 08:36

    looks like a fantastic group, I think appreciation of the small moments and ordinary parts of our lives are so important!Many thanks for visiting my blog, lovely to meet you!

  7. Little Miss Joey
    8 May 2011 / 09:00

    Hello Suzie :)Thanks, Im really enjoying being part of the group!Thanks for stopping bu and I shall be seeing you on the course 🙂

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