::Raining umbrellas:: Serendipity


I love this word. When I first learnt it, it took me a while to say it… serendipity… it was the kind of word I had to read slowly and then repeat to myself quietly. I love it for reasons I cannot explain, the same way I love the word Copenhagen and had done so way before I ever visited it (I did fall in love with the city too, by the way; coincidence?). Maybe it's the sound, maybe it's how the tongue twists gently to say it.

Our creative exercise revolved around serendipity and as ever, it seems, it took me a while to find my ground on this word; but I have. People. Serendipity to me is people. People come into our lives randomly. I was born into a family who was already there. And then along came my brother. Pure randomness. We choose our friends, yes, but from the pool of people we come across. Pure randomness again. Serendipity is the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident, the briefing said. The people in my life are my serendipity. I have been so fortunate in the people I know words cannot begin to explain it. I love my little brother by default and by non-default (whatever sense that makes, it's very clear in my head!); he grew into a man I admire and respect and trust, who believes in me more than I do. My parents, of whom I have complained no end and praised in the same amount, are my pillars. My friends, all of whom arrived into my life serendipitously brighten my days and make me the smiley Little Miss Joey that I am, encouraging me to be myself and supporting me and being silent with me and talking as if there were no tomorrow. Yes, I do like the word serendipity for it brought me all the people I love.  


  1. cococita
    4 May 2011 / 22:51

    Reading your nice words and your explanation of serendipity just make me go quiet (and thats quite something :p) Thanks for this beautiful blog LMJ! Your words are really touching. To me, you are one of the best examples of serendipity 🙂 and Im very grateful for that. x

  2. Dobbin
    4 May 2011 / 22:58

    Dont worry I have trouble pronouncing that word too.

  3. vicki
    5 May 2011 / 00:46

    How beautiful, Joey. I love your perspective of the word…really heartfelt. xo

  4. Little Miss Joey
    5 May 2011 / 12:30

    @cococita: I dont know what to say but thank you… with a tear and a blush… we need the blush :)@Dobbin: I dont feel alone in this anymore, thanks for stepping forward!@ vicki: Thank you Vicki 🙂 your course is really making me think and explore things I wouldnt have explored otherwise 🙂

  5. Silvia La Gata Con Botas
    5 May 2011 / 14:02

    I wouldnt have thought of people when thinking of serendipity… but then I read what you wrote “The people in my life are my serendipity”… and you are totally right!! Very interesting thoughts and reflection!

  6. Little Miss Joey
    5 May 2011 / 20:51

    🙂 Thank you Silvia! Its the beauty of this course to me, how we are all so different with something in common 🙂

  7. primalchild
    6 May 2011 / 07:28

    I second what Cococita said! And I love your perspective on the word, its a perfect explanation and such a beautfiul sentiment.

  8. Little Miss Joey
    6 May 2011 / 12:20

    Thank you Tara *blush*lost for more word now… x

  9. live a lot
    7 May 2011 / 11:59

    HiGreat to read your thoughts :-)Ill try to share mine this weekend…Hugs Malin

  10. Little Miss Joey
    8 May 2011 / 09:01

    Hi MalinThanks for stopping by. Looking forward to reading your thoughts having absolutely loved your photography :)Hug x

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