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Dear all
I write to you from my holiday mansion (for I do things for no less than that!) with good news – there’s a new feature on the block which I, for one find essential and ever so informative. My friend and fellow blogger Nicky has started a feature on English colloquialisms! Now if that’s not excellent news, frankly I don’t know what is and you’re just being demanding. Nothing wrong with being demanding, Little Miss Joey is a great example of that, but one must know when one spots an absolute gem. And this is what Dobbin’s Notes and Queries promise to be. 
I bet at this point, and in spite of your excitement with Nicky’s feature, you’ve noticed this post does not have a photo, something unusual for Little Miss Joey. There are reasons for that, two in fact. Reason 1: this post is about Nicky’s feature and sometimes photos can distract, especially those unrelated to the writing (which brings me to the next reason); reason 2: if I were to illustrate this post to match Nicky’s feature, we would be looking at knockers and/or totties and I must admit I have not been photographing those lately (the Titanic was excluded, this is a happy blog not an advert for sinking ships (so many jokes I could write right now but I won’t because I’m giggling heavily at my own cuteness and cleverness!)). 
Yours truly

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