Holiday report I

Algarve skyline from my window

Hello from sunny Portugal, she says omitting the not so sunny bits of the day. It has rained in the Algarve and it has been sunny too, enough for a bit of sunbathing. It's April and the heavens open, as per popular wisdom "em Abril águas mil" (in April, a thousand waters; gotta love direct translations!), so it's best to just go with the flow and enjoy the food and the chilled pace of life over here. 

Remember the hat? Well, it travelled safely to Portugal, ridiculously sitting on my head for most of the journey, only to be left in the toilet at the airport, carefully hanging behind the door. Nice! Such is life… or life with a forgetful Little Miss Joey anyway! Mum says I only don't lose my head because it's attached to my head, just like Dad… maybe it's time for me to accept she's right. 
So, lost hat and rain aside… everything else has been just great! I guess this is when you know you're in love, when most things are going less well than expected but you still feel so happy you're in it. Or there, or here, I mean! I've slept and ran and ate grilled fish and sunbathed a little and slept some more and walked slowly because I'm not in a hurry and have had nice bread every morning and photographed just a little and slept a bit more because maybe I was just a wee bit too tired. And it's the four of us again just as when we were little and I feel lucky it can be the four of us. It's the small things, isn't it? Which are actually the big things…


  1. Dobbin
    25 April 2011 / 00:38

    What a shame about the hat. Any chance of getting it back?

  2. Little Miss Joey
    25 April 2011 / 18:25

    Yes, there is – to buy a new one… so not all is lost, really 😛

  3. elkecita
    26 April 2011 / 15:38

    🙂 A good reason for some shopping ;-)And what you say about little/big things, thats the Art of Living and where life is all about … Even if it sounds cliché, it is so true! Enjoy it!

  4. Little Miss Joey
    27 April 2011 / 01:45

    Hahaha… very true. But havent done any shopping yet, none whatsoever.Clichés are there for a reason 😉 completely agree with you on that one!x

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