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Yet another Monday has arrived and I'm feeling even happier than last Monday. At this rate, I'll reach the end of the year as the happiest little person ever, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. This is the week of my awaited return home for a family holiday and different photographic opportunities. Yay moi!
You may have realised (or not!) that I asked a question here about the facts you'd like to see covered in inspiring Mondays. The fear of having no answers went away with Dobbin's question on Mafalda, one of my childhood heroes, and my resemblance to her. So here goes.
Let's start with the obvious and meaningful, shall we? The feet photograph which I use as the image behind LMJ is inspired in Mafalda's shoes! True! And I think it works, if I can say so myself. Onto the less obvious things now. Mafalda is a little 6 year old girl concerned about the world and its problems; she asks a lot of questions and is not always convenient, but she's always adorable in her naivety and insightful remarks. See the similarities yet? Dad gave me Mafalda's books when I was six and encouraged me to read it. He then complained when I became annoying like her with all my questions and teased me about reading too much of it; but he is to blame though, as I frequently reminded him.
:: sunshine.
:: weekend strolls in the sunshine.
:: wandering around with both my cameras and loving it!
:: huge smile throughout Sunday for no other reason other than being happy.
:: the freedom of running to end Sunday in style.
:: Wicked. I have been greenified and I loved it!
:: homemade muesli 
:: discovering oh so yummy natas in Oxford and planning when to give them to everyone!
:: speaking to C. some things never change. 


  1. Dobbin
    18 April 2011 / 21:44

    Where did you find the pastries, at the Portuguese cafe? Another nice pic.

  2. Little Miss Joey
    19 April 2011 / 08:58

    Shhhhhhhhh, you dont the whole of Oxford to drop by, do you? 😛 But maybe you are right, maybe!Thanks! Im really enjoying this challenge more and more!

  3. elkecita
    19 April 2011 / 21:35

    Hmmm, natas, sounds so good … A little bit of your home country very nearby 🙂 Im gonna search for a Mafalda book … cause I see some similarities with myself 😉 and she looks really cute :-)PS: only 2 days to go and you can wear your nice hat :p

  4. Little Miss Joey
    20 April 2011 / 09:20

    🙂 natas are divine! so yummy! must. stop. thinking. about. it. :Phehehe… you should and she is! Youll love her :DI know, cant wait! Will send news :)x

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