beach hat - stripes
Seven days to go. Where?, some of you may wonder. Here. Home. A bit of home. And marking today makes it even more special because seven is my favourite number.*
My style is complete! I have the perfect beach bag and now the perfect hat! And I didn't even look for it, it found me. Literally. And then asked me to take it home, so politely I could not refuse. So I didn't. Ha!
I am ready. Me, my bag, my hat and my bikini. We're ready and keen! And now we wait seven days. And perhaps pack. At some not urgent point.
Being the impatient little person that I am, I can't obviously just seat and wait for the time to pass. Worry not for me, dear readers. I have plans. Like cocktails. And playing with the film camera which I managed to put film on all by myself (big achievement, not!). And eat the muffins my sweet flatmate baked just for moi. And run, finally. And have coffee. And knit at the knitting club. And read.
*Little note: if you need an explanation into LMF favourites, if there are explanations for favourites… I was born on the seventh (of the eightth month, but it couldn't be completely perfect, hats off to Mum & Dad anyway for getting the day right!). My brother was born on the 27th (of a different month, but the link is there; it is my second favourite number). Seven is my lucky number too.

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