::inspiring Mondays::

yellow door
The most beautiful thing about this Monday is that it marks the beginning of a new week. That alone is enough to make me jump up and down with happiness, even though jumping is not on my list of permitted activities. An imaginary jump I shall do, while I speak like Yoda (my best impersonation!).
My list of facts about myself is in need of replenishment. I thought I'd make use of the comment section and let you tell me what you'd like to know. How does that sound? Openness and whatnot, pretty exciting! Keep it to simple questions though, people, Little Miss Joey likes simple, like Libertad (sneaky reference to my favourite comic Mafalda, after whom I envisage a drawing of LMJ!).
In the meantime and while you think of all the things you've always wanted to know about Little Miss Joey, I'll tell you a new thing. I love doors. I have this thing with doors and photographing them and getting photographed trying to enter random, yet always cute or imposing, doors. I have even more of a thing for red and yellow doors. I think I went a bit crazy with the colours above, but I fell in love with the final result, go figure.
:: I can't say it enough, a new Monday to mark a new week, oh joy.
:: my brother. I love that boy. 
:: having two friends offering to hoover my house for me because I can't. special.
:: friends. I cannot write this one enough because I do have the best friends ever. all mine. mine. 😀
:: sunshine and warm weather.
:: playing with the film camera and realising half the photos will be overexposed. at best.*
:: Casino. yes, de Niro is my favourite actor!
:: my little light filled matchbox of a house.
:: inspiring Mondays. they make me happier.
In case you're wondering why I'm being repetitive with some bits of the list… 1. because I can; 2. because some things are always there and we should realise it regularly.

*Little note: so… the photos won't be overexposed… in fact, the photos won't be. yes, full stop there. I made a mess of getting the film out of the camera and now it is all ruined. all. looks interesting on the sofa, this wasted piece of film with a bunch of potential arty photos that will no longer be. better luck next time, you silly LMJ!!! That is, if you manage to put a new film in… humm…!


  1. Dobbin
    12 April 2011 / 01:38

    Tell your readers more about Mafalda and your supposed resemblance to her!

  2. Little Miss Joey
    12 April 2011 / 22:04

    Thanks Dobbin, it will be my first answer next week 🙂

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