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beach bag
I mentioned here I would be going home soon. Two weeks today to be precise, but who’s counting, right? Moi!
A beach holiday, or a beach lifestyle, when done in style requires a beach bag to match it. Really, it does! Having been off the beach circuit for a while now I obviously had nothing appropriate to take to Portugal on this special occasion, but fear not, that is now sorted. My imagination led me to stripes, navy blue stripes carrying my camera and beach towel in a fashionable yet simple way. My fingers led me to etsy. This particular shop. This particular bag. The power of imagination, I tell you! I dream it and I find it; beauty!
I could have stopped this post here. It is a post about the joys of getting post and a beautiful beach bag for a few days at the beach. But realistically I could not stop there. To keep things in their little shelves though, I am separating what I want to say next in a new post, coming in a few minutes…

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