it is Friday…

Spring is still here


… as you may or may not have noticed. I have. Fish and chips for lunch, battered not breaded, and I know the weekend is here. Spring is still with us (just because it has arrived doesn't mean it will stay, so better enjoy every single moment of it) and may even spend the weekend – lucky us!
So what are my grand weekend plans? Ah… easy… de-clutter! I have been de-cluttering and organising and sorting and tidying and styling and whatnot for 3 nights now. Keep in your heads the amount of stuff you think I had, I don't cope well with abuse! The key word here is had; I no longer have a whole gigantic wardrobe of fabric, oh no. Now it's only half of a gigantic wardrobe *insert proud smile here*. I've even parted with some wool. *more proud smiles here*. Books is a different matter; I cannot, I repeat, I cannot part with books. The problem is I have so many books now something needed to be done to address this, so I decided to be cunning and send a few books home to Portugal… *insert evil genius laughter here*! I may even show photos of the now de-cluttered corners of my home on Sunday, light permitting. Generous moi is.
Of course, I haven't just been sorting stuff. I have been very busy watching period dramas and catching up on inspirational photos all over Flickr and in particular here and making prints of 3 of my photos as gifts for dear friends. Yes, I'm feeling brave and confident in my ability. The new de-cluttered me is special like that and I like it!

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  1. Dobbin
    27 March 2011 / 13:41

    Nice photo Joey.

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