Stone bench
The Creative Challenge for the next two weeks has been set – benches! I like benches; they serve a purpose and add to the landscape, perfection as far as I'm concerned. I am therefore happy with the subject of the challenge. That said, it's best if I keep to myself how silly I looked yesterday morning when attempting at shooting benches from different angles… yes, a story better kept untold… as for the pictures of benches, only one survived my now ruthless eye (!). My softer heart for this photo may be because this bench tells a story, or a bit of my own story, one that was once as promising as the flower bud I couldn't help but show with the bench… until it was no longer a story worth telling… funny how life moves quickly, almost like the seasons… and it is now spring and one will be able to enjoy any bench one likes for the sun will be out all the time (wishful thinking?…). And Little Miss Joey shall stop speaking like the Queen… and referring to herself in the third person while she's at it.
Oh, by the way, I've finished watching North and South! Go – watch – it! Now!

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