creative challenge

Oxford waiting for spring
Dobbin and I have decided to take up a creative challenge to improve our photography. We chose one on Flickr named… pause for emphasis… Creative challenge. I know! And we're hoping it does exactly what it says on the tin. Judging by all the great photos we can see there, we're coming out of this as amazing and creative photographers with a new sense of style and freshness. Oh wait, I've found my niche already, stuff. I'll just be more creative then. And fresh. And preferably unique, but we all know that's a hard one to achieve.
Watch this space!
Little note: obviously the photo is not related; we've only just joined the challenge, it would be cheating to have photos already, and I am no cheater! It shows Oxford just before spring, colourfully waiting for it.
Little note 2: The Creative Challenge was created by Simply Hue, who's now on a break and has passed it on to Twiggs (who incidentally or not (!) is the lady from whom I purchased the postcards on this photo). 


  1. elkecita
    22 March 2011 / 19:51

    Nice project 🙂 Im sure youll enjoy it and the audience already enjoys the idea.PS: I really miss the beauty of Oxford, especially during this season –> an evening walk through the city centre, a sunny afternoon near the river, the skyline of Oxford seen from my favourite tree in South Park … and of course you 🙂 So Im thinking on planning a little visit in June or July 😉 Es la nostalgia …xxx

  2. Little Miss Joey
    23 March 2011 / 21:29

    🙂 Thanks for the support elkecita!Oxford does have a nice feel about it, especially in spring/summer… and I miss you too! Having you over would be lovely, do come :DCant wait!xxx

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